1.12 Timeline and Plans

Hey everyone!

As I am sure everyone is aware, 1.12 has been released and as with Eldin tradition, we will be updating to the new version of Minecraft with a new map and some updates to the way we run things.

The current loose date for the new map is around July 31st, or the end of July in general.  I want to give the staff some time to make the map special for everyone to play in, and I want to take the time to also bring Eldin up to date on plugins and methods we use to control the server and how you all experience it.

You can expect to have a hard date set for the new map around the middle of July (think around the 13th or 15th leading into that weekend).

Here is some other information about the next map that some of you may find interesting, or you may have input on.


New Map Generation

An idea came to mind that maybe we should really shake things up this map and try some crazy world generation.  Nothing like the extreme MC default generation, or the amplified biomes, but something that would be a bit more fun to explore.  Our goal would be to create a map that is filled with unique environments, new types of biomes for you to build in, and to give a sense of a real world to Eldin instead of playing in the same kind of world again and again.

Here is a small sneak peak: 


New Land Protection System

Another one of our ideas for this upcoming map is to change how we do land protection.  For every previous map, we have always made it so that the admins were responsible for not only protecting land, but also logging that land change into a document, forum post, or recently our Portal software (Thanks AJD!).  For this next map, we would like to explore the idea of giving players the ability to protect and manage their own land, without the need for a staff member or admin to be online to handle the land request for them.  In order to accomplish this, we are looking into plugins such as Residence that will help us solve this issue, and maybe add some extra features to the server as well.


Land and Title Auto Updating

Since we have the idea of players being able to manage their own land, it becomes more difficult for the admins to be able to log those changes to the Portal, or to later be added to the portal.  Because of this, we are also looking into ways that we can have the land information and land table automatically updated when a player either purchase land, sells land, or even rents a plot to another player.  This would allow us to have a more hands-off approach when dealing with player land, and to allow for more land sales, as well as faster land updates for the players to experience.  We hope that this would let players be able to not feel like and admin must always be present in order to experience the land management side of Eldin.


Completely New War System

Lastly, we are looking into a new system for war.  Many people have already chatted with us about this, and it is a pretty controversial topic with heavy opinions on each side of the fence.  This may be something that is continually looked at and tweaked until we find a perfect way to do war, but I can promise you, we are working at making it as fun of an experience as possible for everyone involved.  You can read more about the plugin we are aiming to test out here.


If you have any questions please drop into our discord (use the /discord command in game) and let us know what you think in the #server-discussion channel.


– Bran



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