Been a while since my last post, but I’m back at it again with more new things that will be changing next map! This post is focused around a change to the elytra, and a change in our philosophy regarding how map resets function.


Elytra will be restricted to only the end or the nether; they can no longer be used in the overworld (or dungeons).

We made this decision for a number of reasons:

  • Parkour / Jumping puzzles cant exist with elytra.
  • Puzzles / Festival games can be cheesed with elytra.
  • Elytra cause the world to feel smaller than it actually is because you can travel so fast.
  • It has an adverse affect on smaller cities; Why go sell to a small city nearby when a bigger one with more available is only a short flight away?
  • It restricts our freedom when putting together dungeons and group content if people can just fly over it all.

A Change of Philosophy

Some of you might have seen this coming with staff committing to always transfer McMMO skills and experience from map to map. It’s been a decade of Eldin only transferring money from map to map, and we’ve thought about some ways that we could improve that.

Guilds offer us a unique opportunity to implement something more that can be carried over. From now on, Guild Vaults (and all items within them) will also transcend maps and allow you to bring materials, weapons, and items along with you on map resets.

Guild Vaults were a heavily underutilized feature, and we feel this change could make a difference with how often they are used. Guilds could bring diamond gear (or in the case of after 1.16, netherrite gear) along with them through the ages. We feel that this is a balanced way of introducing item carry overs, as a guild will have to wait for cities to be built, and guild halls to be sold; it isn’t immediate access to all the gear that has been collected over time.

For now, this will be just Guild vaults transferring, but in the future (next map) we can implement personal vaults (hmm, banks?) for players that will also transcend map resets.

Since Eldin is now focusing on dungeons, items, unique crafting materials and unique item drops we wanted a way for players to keep their hard earned items. We didn’t think it was fair to have players continually regrind their items every year, and replay the same dungeons to get their favorite items.

There are however some items you cannot place into a Guild vault:

  • Shulker boxes (shulker shells are accepted)
  • Elytra

The Event Calendar

Even though some of you have already noticed, this is the formal announcement for the event calendar on Eldin’s website! This calendar will be used to plan events through out the year (such as ender dragon respawns, fishapalooza, festivals, and others).

I have added the date for the new map launch, as well as the days the server will be whitelisted. In response to a question from the community, I have also added an event 2 days before the whitelist happens, where I will be taking the server down for an hour or so to save the map for the history / download pages. After this event, players can feel free to dig up the land / cities for all the valuable blocks they used in its decoration. Since the map was saved prior to this, your cities and land will remain in the history as their untouched selves.

If any player has an idea for an event, or is hosting an event of their own and would like it on the website we are open to those possibilities as well. Just let me (cerb) know and if it seems like a good event I will add it to the website for people to view!