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Poll results: Would you like to see Eldin Game content as well as my Eldin asset drawing session on my Twitch stream?
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Eldin Twitch Streams!!!

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Heyo guys! After last Friday's stream, Twitch sent me some very interesting metrics regarding that fun little session.

We all had a blast! The chat was active, and I got a lot done but it was really interesting to see how our wholesome little community lined up, unadvertised and unscheduled. 

As you  can see, this is way higher than the last time I streamed, and WAAAAAY more activity than I expected for just a little doodle session. 

Guys, our little wholesome community chatting and chilling together got 30 unique views (some of them our own, obviously but still!). Ya'll can also see that I'm actually pretty close to becoming affiliate, and that means I can start to gather subscribers. I want my stream to be for the cause and betterment of Eldin and her community... 

Help me get to 50 followers, keep me company in streams by chatting with me and play mob arena and help by giving the same amazing content we laugh about during Fishapalooza and what not... 

I can't help but see this as a great opportunity for Eldin and could be a great way to gain some really wholesome players, while at the same time showing them exactly the kind of amazing community we have... 

Let me know your thoughts below. I'm going to try streaming pretty frequently and really push to get affiliated so we can start making an impact with viewers and potential players! 

Follow me on Twitch below so you don't miss any of the upcoming Eldin streams!


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