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Gentle hut(s)

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Good evening, Gentle men and women!

You might have seen me, and my greetings online before once or twice. But even very excited greetings are just words, so I wanted to do something more for the gentle people of Eldin.

That's why I introduce:

Gentle huts

These will be public resting places for the weary traveller, where they can relax for a moment, get a bite, do some crafting, and get a good night of sleep. The only thing I ask in return is to refill and replant if possible, and to not grief these places.

The first one is almost ready, and located next to the road on the T-crossing between Abita Cove, Worlds Asylum, and the southbound road to Liberty, Semptum, Eden's Gate and Umbria.

I'll post it here when a new one will be added. The next few I'll build along the main roads on the server, so if you want one of these huts near you: start building roads!

Suggestions for locations are welcome, if not I'll go north to find a good spot for the next one. For now I'm trying to build them in different biomes, but that's more as a challenge then a hard rule.

After this I'm going to build a few in unexplored territories too. I'm thinking about making a quest around finding them all, but I have to think that through a bit more.

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