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[Sticky] Dungeon FAQ

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How do I get to the dungeons?

  • The dungeon portals are located at spawn inside the tavern, on the second floor. There are rooms with signs to denote which dungeon it is for. Inside the room will be signs to form the groups for the dungeon, as well as a portal to step through when your group is formed.


Do I need to bring my own items?

  • Yes! You will need to bring your own armor and items. Anything you take through the portal will be a part of your inventory in the dungeon, so make sure to bring potions and food!


I won't lose my gear will I?

  • Nope! Rest easy knowing that your gear will not drop if you die in a dungeon. You also will keep your experience levels now!


What about curse of vanishing? If I keep my gear when I die do I also keep cursed gear as well?

  • Yes! You keep curse of vanishing gear as well! Really cool and gives a use to cursed gear.


Can I do the dungeons without a group?

  • A group of people is not required, but highly recommended as they are quite difficult. If you can solo the dungeon, more power to ya!


How big of a group can we run the dungeon with?

  • Right now, the max size is 4. This can change per dungeon. Some in the future may have bigger max group sizes, some might have lower, some might be solo dungeons!


Is there a limit to how many times I can run through the dungeon? Any timers?

  • Nope! Run it whenever you want, as often as you want!


What do these stats on the dungeon items mean? +Leech? On Use?

  • Each dungeon item is different and can have stats and abilities that are new to Eldin. For example, Leech will return a percentage of the damage you do back as health to you. If an item has an On Use ability listed in it's lore, that means that right clicking will activate a certain skill. It could be a leap, it could be the Reapers consume skill, etc. For more information on the stats and what they do go here:



Some things to note:

  • I highly recommend NOT throwing your tridents. If you die, they will not return to you when you get kicked out of the dungeon. Staff will not replace your tridents. Use as your own risk.

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Question, if there is a group in a dungeon, can another group start a run or do they have to wait?



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There can be up to 4 groups running the dungeon at the same time

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