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[Solved] Its Been a Couple of Years.  


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29/07/2019 8:00 pm  

Hello! I'm Hkpanda. I don't know if anyone will remember me, but that is okay! I played on Elden during the time that the man Axebyte was running the server, which was about 5+ years ago. So, around the first few maps if I can recall correctly. For the players that were around there during that time may know that I was banned way back when, then requested an unban on the old form and got back in on the server. Though the incident happened, I still had fun!

I recently got back into playing video games in general recently. I stopped playing because I was trying to advance into higher education. I am quite surprised the server is still around and holds the same principles when I played it back then. I am excited to jump back into it all again!

Looking forward to hopefully build in cities and collect tiles!


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03/08/2019 2:37 pm  

Looking forward to seeing you back in the game HK 😀


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