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Give a purpose to player points  

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I'd like to suggest that player points be given a purpose and/or officially phased out.

For the many players who may not know what they are, player points were introduced several years ago on Eldin primarily as a reward for donating to the server. These player points could be redeemed at the player point shop, a virtual shop that could be accessed by typing /pointshop. The shop had a variety of items that could be purchased at various prices, including potion brewing ingredients, every enchanted book, various blocks, or could simply be redeemed for diamonds or trade bars. The point shop prices were never really balanced and so the vast majority of the items in the shop were either not very useful or too expensive, unfortunately. I only ever used the option to buy diamonds occasionally and bought difficult to obtain items like quartz blocks and sea lanterns once in a while as well. I don't think many people used the pointshop once its initial novelty wore off.

Later on, server administrators decided to tie player points to voting rewards in the form of a weekly and monthly leaderboard system that awarded points to players who voted the most. This was popular for a time and brought back player points from relative obscurity, but once that map ended they seemed to fall back into obscurity. Last map, the pointshop was quietly removed and not replaced, and that nobody seemed to notice this occurrence shows how little-used the pointshop and player points system had become.

The PlayerPoints plugin is still in use in the World of Eldin, and somehow player points are still being automatically rewarded to the top weekly and monthly voters last I checked, though seemingly hidden behind the scenes. Many players still have a player point balance, and you can check your balance with the command "/points me" or check the balance of other players using "/points look [playername]".

This brings me to my main suggestion, which is to give player points a purpose again or officially phase out this plugin next map if it is no longer needed. If they are phased out, I think everyone with player points should have the option to be reimbursed for them in trade bars, to be fair to those who received these points as a reward for supporting the server through donations or by being a top voter. I'm not sure what the rate should be per player point, but for reference 1 player point could be used to purchase 3 diamonds in the point shop in the past. This would be 86.25 trade bars per player point at T3 price.

Obviously this is not a pressing issue, but I hope it is considered some time soon since for most of last map and all of this map player points have not had a use, and it seems past time that they either be given a use through a new pointshop or something similar, or be removed completely and players who have them fairly compensated.

Thanks for reading.

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