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Hunter's Cabin (Building Suggestion)  

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Here are my thoughts on a new building addition, as shortly discussed on discord. These are my original notes, and I will show some afterthoughts after the spoiler.


Hunter's Cabin

Prerequisite: Tier 2 barracks


Setup fee: 


  • Tier 1: 20,000 TradeBars
  • Tier 2: 7,500 TradeBars for each cabin, up to 4 max

Bonus’ Applied:


  • Tier 1: Allows for an area of influence surrounding a city, where further mob-deny flags will be placed. The area of influence is tiered, based on the size of your city. 
    • Baron: 50 tiles
    • Earl:    60 tiles
    • Duke:  70 tiles
    • Prince:80 tiles
    • King:   90 tiles
    • Emperor: 100 tiles
      • NOTE: area of influence extends from the edge of players plot, to the according distance as per city size.
  • Tier 2: Allows for cabins (North, South, East and West) to be built at the edge of the area of influence, giving up to 4 more NPC guards to patrol the wild land surrounding your city. 
      • NOTE: You can have up to 4 cabins surrounding the outskirts of your town, each cabin costs 7,500tb to set up (30,000tb total for all 4 cabins)


Build slot?: Yes. 

Building requirements:


Tier 1: 

  • A 15×15 (225 tile) area
  • 5 Beds
  • 5 Small Chests
  • 4 Armor Stands
  • 2 Grindstones
  • 1 Anvil

Tier 2: CABINS


  • A 20x20 (400 tile) area
  • A small garden
  • A small animal farm (2-3 meat yielding animals penned up)
  • An enclosed building with walls and floors for Hunters to take shelter
  • 1 bed
  • 2 chests
  • 1 armor stand
  • 1 grindstone
  • 1 anvil
  • 1 cartography table


Since initially writing this, it seems we could not do the initial idea of the area of influence surrounding the city, as that seems to be too much of a logistical nightmare. Alternatively, I suggest making this a 4 tiered system, where each tier is a new cabin. That cabin will have a mob-deny flag surrounding it according to the radius suggested above (general recommendation). This allows for people to place up to 4 cabins in the wilderness surrounding their city, and, for an Earl sized city for example, they could place a North cabin 60 blocks away from their city, and then the mob deny flag would reach right up to their borders of their town. Alternatively, they could be placed up to a certain distance away from the city, up to a max distance of say, 150 blocks. Anywhere up to 150 blocks away, the city owner could build their hut and have a patrolled "area of influence" nearby. A personal example I could think of this would be for Thebes II. On the other side of the desert and over the river, there is a jungle that I could (possibly, I don't know about how far away it is but it's just an idea) build a cabin in, which is an area I frequently visit nearby my city to collect wood. 



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Thanks for the input.

We have been talking about adding some more buildings to the server. 

My guess would be that we add it next map.

We will definitely look into adding your idea or the concept of it.