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Killing and Stealing Players Items

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Just came to the forum to make an argument about the stealing of players stuff after they have been killed. If you couldn't guess, I think it should be temporary ban-able offence. I have no problem with head hunting, or even the just normal killing as long as stuff is returned, but as soon as stuff is taken, it is extremely aggravating and quite honestly makes the community more unhappy in general.  The thieving of unprotected chests, I also don't have that big of a problem with (as annoying as it may be).  Just the killing with the intention of stealing the players items, just plainly makes Eldin less fun. This is all personal opinion, but, being a victim of loosing all of my hard earned stuff, while just playing to have fun, is super frustrating, and I know I'm not the only one getting annoyed with all the stealing going on.  But as this is just a suggestion, and a personal opinion, I will understand any decision made.

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Sorry going to have to be impartial here. I have no problem with people keeping the items of players they kill. On the other side of the coin, I absolutely have a problem with players that taunt the items after the fact. You know the type, the ones that have absolutely no intention of giving the items back but but dangle them above your head to get a rise out of you.

PvP is allowed and raiding is allowed, I understand losing your items sucks but its part of the game. Otherwise we would just fully disable PvP.

Thanks for making a post though, maybe someone else will see it and feel the same way!

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Last map, Pinkle killed me and I was furious, Because he got wind that I was moving to Whitehold to help HarryH and become his helper. He used trident/elytra and practically 2 shot me. I was mad, said something and got myself muted. I completely understand where you're coming from, but, it's part of the game, and we know that when we signed up for the server, It has ALWAYS been like this from when I can remember, (Cibola) From my faded memories of that. I hated it at first, but either, go out and do it yourself, or accept the fact of what is and move on. If it's something that you feel that opposed to, then maybe you need to reconsider if the server is right for you?


Please don't take that last sentence harsh, I've had to come to myself and asked that myself. Is this something I see myself parting ways with the server because of? Yes or No, Simple.