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Potion brewing machines  


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May 6, 2020 10:47 pm  

My suggestion is to allow potion brewing machines, or at least those that don't run continuously.

I found out today that automatic potion brewing machines are not allowed on World of Eldin. This came as a shock to me for a few reasons:

  1. Because I have been using a few potion brewing machines to make potions, not knowing or suspecting in the slightest that I was apparently breaking the rules
  2. Because I have showed these potion brewing machines to multiple staff members in the past few months and they didn't tell me that they weren't allowed.
  3. Because it's not an auto farm or a device that could cause lag for the server. I can't think of a way that using a simple redstone contraption to help you brew your potions more quickly could negatively affect the economy or cause any kind of negative effect for other players or the staff.

I wanted to show the brewing setup that I designed myself and have been using until now to demonstrate how benign (and useful) these types of machines are.

See images below:

As you can see, it's a fairly simple machine. When I push a button, it uses a bit of redstone and droppers to fill a hopper above the brewing stand with the correct ingredients in the correct order for brewing a particular potion, in this case a potion of invisibility. The brewing stand then accepts the items from the hopper as they are brewed into the potions. When the process is complete, you end up with three brewed potions. Then it's done. That's the end of the automatic function. If you want three more potions, you have to click the button again, and the machine only works if the chunk it's in is loaded.

I have to gather all the items used to brew the potions as anyone else would -- by fishing, killing mobs, farming, etc. The machine just lines them up in the right order for me and puts them in the brewer. When they run out, I have to get new ingredients.

As far as selling the potions goes... potions aren't exactly a hot commodity to be honest. They are pretty underwhelming for most purposes and have limited practical use. It's often easier to just set up a beacon or conduit, but I have found some of them useful for building underwater, looting ocean monuments, and making splash healing potions to use on my zoo animals. I didn't make the brewers with the purpose of selling a bunch, but I did try selling a few in my shop and I have not made much from them over the last couple months (note: I have removed the potions I auto-brewed from my shop and am not selling them currently). But even if potions did sell pretty well, it wouldn't matter if they were made using this automatic process or not. The potions have a certain market value, and if I try selling them for more, people can make their own auto brewer and just make them themselves. It's not adding any new money into the economy, it would just be moving money between players.

Finally, I wanted to talk about auto smelters, since those seem to be one of the only automatic devices currently allowed on Eldin. If there is truly something fiendish about using any automatic devices on Eldin (which I think is not the case), then auto smelters actually seem to be more problematic than auto potion brewing machines. Auto smelters can obviously be used to smelt items that can be sold in a server shop, which makes players able to earn tradebars more quickly. I'm definitely not saying that auto-smelters are bad; I think they are fun, useful, and completely benign. But I think if they are allowed, then it seems that auto brewers should be even less of an issue, especially if they don't run continuously.

Anyway, I have stopped using my brewing machines for now and will demolish them if you do in fact decide to continue not to allow auto potion brewers. I really hope you consider the ideas I have elaborated here, because I have found the potion brewers I have been using to be convenient and fun devices. Like many other Minecraft players, I enjoy the challenge of designing machines and devices that make your Minecraft life a little easier, provided of course that they cannot be used to game the economy, exploit glitches, create unreasonable lag, or otherwise negatively affect my fellow Eldiners. Whether this suggestion is approved or not obviously isn't going to make or break my experience on Eldin, but it would be very nice to see this change.

Thank you for reading all this 🙂