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[Closed] Recommendations for Eldin  

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July 30, 2020 11:38 pm  

Well I can tell you the people who have agreed to most of my points would be people like Flying_Guava, Matrone88, Talbot, The_True_Knight(my brother no longer active). I had similar conversations with past players over the years who shared very similar views that eldin has gotten easier. I guess if you do not fundamentally believe Eldin has gotten easier (maybe not from maps 1 and 2) but from maps 5+ it definitely has. I mine Minecraft has gotten easier. I was told by people that they made millions alone on the last map and made more than their balance in a single map. If he wants to reveal himself so be it. I am not going to call out people to be insulted. Their is a difference between disagreeing and calling me out for saying I am alone which I am clearly not. The sad part is the people I see playing are the people I noted agreed with me on at least some of my points. I cant say they agree with all 5 because I simply did not go through all 5 with each individual. If the other few I had chats with want to speak out that is fine but that is up to them.

Posted by: @cerberus402

People don't just sit inside a city, the server is structured so that they have to go out into the wild to make money (at least at first). Just because someone owns a house in a city does not mean that you will see them more often. People will still be out doing their own things, just like they did back in the day

Regarding this huge misconception you have about why I want people in cities, I DO NOT and I repeat do not want people to be afk in cities just doing nothing. No I do not want them to sit in their house and do nothing. That's obviously not what anyone wants. However, what people want is for their towns to have people who actively play out of their city rather than everyone getting a city. Honestly if we just gave people the benefits of city land no one would buy city plots. If you own a city plot (talking to everyone reading this) when's the last time you have been to it? What is it for? Has it always been just a rank benefit? Did people actually use to use them?


Also I just have to completely disagree with the point where you say if they own a house does not mean you will see them more often. Yeah if they own 50 other houses I agree but if they are new and choose to live in a city before living in the wild they will still spend more time in the city and city owners like helping and interacting with new players. 


The point is... I want people to live in cities when they first join the game rather than buying a 10x10 wild plot living in a hole for 10 days until they make another Baron city that no one cares to visit. The reason I got to this size in the first place was because when I made a Baron city after months of grinding (not map 1 or 2 but a bit later on) two players joined and their first plot was in my actually city. I became good friends with them and helped them eventually get to a point where they could buy a size-able portion of wild land. Now, they did not sit in their home all day but they would be coming in and out of the city chatting, inviting me to go mining with them, we made a city farm for everyone, etc. This was my 2nd most enjoyable time on Eldin behind..... When I first lived in a brimming town with 2 to 3 players constantly online with an ACTIVE residence. I personally enjoyed living with other people who were also villagers at the time and again I enjoyed hanging out and doing different actives with them. 

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Say we do add free ports or DT's in a city you own land in, instead of tying it to an overall rank. Why wouldn't I just then own land in every city then? Even cities I have no interest in living in? Do you not see how that is going to create even bigger ghost towns,

What I meant about city benefits is that they would have to be an ACTIVE resident as in that would be their main residence. This would mean people could not have wild land as that rank would be changed from ex. Villager to Yeoman. I also think every town is already a ghost town so who even cares at this point. I mean is there a player who has played more than a couple of hours who actually lives in a town? I haven't seen one and I think that's a problem. Again, from the people I have talked to 90% of people have agreed people living in the wild to start off and not taking any form of early residence in the cities is a serious problem in the server. If you do not agree just send out a survey. Can't hurt can it?


Finally and most importantly, outside of maybe the first couple of maps where autofarms were allowed money has gotten a lot easier to come by. I mean even in those early days, people did not have enchants. They did not have all the information in their head about how to build the most efficient farm possible from the internet. A lot of people who mined that 15tb iron were strip mining still before Cave mining became so much more profitable. I know one of the older players Flying_Guava agreed with me on this point. I would love to hear other older players opinions on this too if you'd like to do a survey to see what people believe. 


Again, I am at the point where it does not really matter to me. I came back to Eldin because I had extra time on my hands and the first question I was asked was why I came back and why did I leave. I answered that and the reasoning is not just for me but for many players I have talked to. If you do not think people having Ghost towns is a problem and you do not want to ask then so be it.

It's fine. I do enjoy when they add more things to do in cities but then everyone just adds them to their own city anyway. There ends up being 30 of them across the map so people don't even care to leave their city again. Events is a one-off and does not resolve the problem. Other than that the only other thing that would be help would be a massive influx of players which is difficult to do and nothing to be relied upon.


Also calling my arguments "with vague numbers and hearsay then your argument will never hold water" is just not accurate. I did not calculate every change based on some magical number of enjoyment I made up but I did use logical references of how fast it took me to make money today with multiple methods versus methods 5 years ago where I still had experience but it was a lot slower of earning money. Again, if you think I am wrong ask experienced players who have played this map and quit and see what they say. It can't hurt. Do a survey. Ask players on the server who actually are playing too. People can be afraid to post on the forums so... yeah your not gonna get multiple responses. 

Its whatever at this point. I can see nothing is going to change and I wish you the best. 

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July 31, 2020 12:41 am  
Posted by: @broken_king

I am not going to call out people to be insulted.

No one was insulting anyone dude. I'm just going to lock this thread, you can't take any feedback on your points or see different viewpoints. This conversation has gone literally no where.

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If you do not think people having Ghost towns is a problem and you do not want to ask then so be it.

It's like you didn't even read my damn post dude. Literally said we have things in the works to address these things, I said I don't agree with your way of doing it. I tried to explain why your ideas won't work and its just not clicking. That's fine, thanks for the feedback and just chill and know its being addressed.

Posted by: @broken_king

Its whatever at this point. I can see nothing is going to change and I wish you the best. 

I just don't even know what to say anymore.

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