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Town Rules Suggestion - Shop Rules

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Hi, I've been trying to set up a town with an unconventional rule regarding shops, but my ticket has been rejected. Basically, I want to be able to evict a shop if they don't consistently stock a certain item, in this case XP bottles. The reason for this rule is that the town is designed for soul speed travel and I want people, including myself, to have easy access to XP for mending their soul speed boots. I also have limited space and don't want to keep shops around that have gone inactive or decided to stop selling the main item I want them there for. The screenshot below shows the exact wording of the rule (law #3). I think this type of rule should be allowed for a town rules board, because players have the choice of whether or not to set up shop in a town and are totally free to decide not to if they feel the town's rules are too strict for them. In fact, I was already planning on covering the entire shop cost (including the 5k server fee) for any shops that are set up in the town, since I don't expect most people would want to put down money for a shop if there is a risk of losing it.

I'm not going to try to trick players into buying a shop and then evicting them, or anything like that. I plan to make the rule clear to people before they buy any shops, but regardless I think players should be expected to read a town's rules before they buy a shop or house anyway. I have had towns in the past with rules allowing owners to evict people who go inactive and stop keeping up with their shop. I think the town rule I currently is very similar and should also be allowed.

Thanks for reading.

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It's a question of where do we draw the line. If we allow one person to control what someone puts in their shop, what is there to stop the next person from suggesting something more excessive.

We want the shop owners to be in full control of their shop (As long as it follows server rules). 

That being said, ill bring up this post at our staff meeting later today.


If you really want XP bottles to be sold in your town, I suggest making your own shop that sells them instead.

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