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Adding a new form of teleportation

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I suggested this in my response to the elytra forum, but I would just like to make this it’s own forum because I’m my opinion I think this could be just cool/convenient in general. I would like to suggest the addition of a /city. This would have the exact same concept as /home but it takes you to your city instead.
   Azher suggested the dragon lord and shadow king, which would be great, but that is just a MASSIVE cost and in my opinion the people that can afford to get those ranks don’t really worry about transport anyways due to the fact they can easily afford PA consistently anyways. Azher also said there is already a lot of city owner benifits which in my opinion isn’t necissarily true. While they do have access to mute/links and such, which are cool and interesting, they aren’t particularly helpful to a player. The rank I would suggest you would earn this would be earl. So you have to have a decently sized town, but not so much that it’s unrealistic to get within a map or 2.
   I do not know if this is currently possible with the teleportation plugin you already have running, but if it is it could be very nice.