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Changes to Shops  

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We Could Add Taxes


Change shops to pay a small tax rate to the town/city they are built in. This tax amount could be set by the town/city owner, possibly within a parameter so that they can’t charge 100% or something crazy. Maybe 0-10%.


(Not sure if this is really a plugin thing or not,  since it’s more of a change to one so I just posted this under plugin suggestions.

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10% of what value?

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This is not possible, to have it pay to a person.


Even if it was possible I don't think I would do this. People would just make shops in their own city and no where else so they don't have to pay a taxes. We have quite a few players that take min/maxing seriously. As it stands currently shops DO take a tax % (playershops), so there is a tax it just goes to the server.