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I always wanted something like this

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Hey all I have had a dream of having a player courier service, where you give a player the items you want to sent and a small fee and then the player deliver the items to the destination.

But it requires trust, time and a lot of prep, so I just got this idea (don't know why it have not hit me before tho)... 


A mail system:

This adds letters that you can send to others (have not looked a lot into it as it was not what I was looking for) it seems like a fun and immersive experience, I know we already have a mail system but hey it is worth putting it out there to renew the way we mail system 🙂

The postal service (also just realized that this have the same feature as the one above but hey I am on a phone 😛 ) :

Beside sending mail this adds mailboxes(something I also like), a addable fee system and the function to disable some of the builder in mail types :-).

Hope that would consider this I have long wanted a courier service to be in the World of Eldin!

The Long of Hoff Singed This

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It's a great idea, the first plugin is broken though (had been discussed on Discord before)

The second one has a replacement here: although this comment says some features are missing?

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Without looking too deep into the features, this sounds like a generally cool idea. A little more RPG than just the typical /mail