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new horse plugin or keep the old one?

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the old one:

pros of mcMMO horses:
new skils and ways to train them
adds abilitys to horses
able to sell/buy horses
horse scoreboard
horse owneship(protection that is configurable)

cons of mc MMO horses:
able to banish/summon horses(tho it can me turned of)
adds abilitys to horses

pros of MyHorse:
naming of horses
antitheift of horses and there inventory
owned horses are invulnerable
selling/buying of horses
list of oneself owned horses

cons of MyHorse:
teleporting to a horse/teleporting a horse to you
owned horses are invulnerable
option to put a chest on horses

pros of EasyRider
trainable horses
horse gps
llamas is trackable
all horses starts equal = worst stats
owned horses can't be killed by players

cons of Easy Rider:
hard to sell/buy horses
all horses starts equal = worst stats
horse gps don't always work optimal
conflicts with our land protection plugins so if a horse is stuck on claimed landwe need a staff to sort it out

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A big part of horses is getting them to be fast. With MyHorse you can use the vanilla breeding way, while with both EasyRider and mcMMO horses you level up a horse by using it. mcMMO just doesn't cost gold to upgrade health, and also increases damage resistance, but for the rest mcMMO seems the same as EasyRider. MyHorse could start a horse breeding industry, which would be cool.

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It used to be that way NGC, I really miss that as part of the player aspect.

I've bred and sold a lot of horses in my day.

Personally, I still wish owner saddles were a thing... it was a really great way to protect horses without leveling them up... I am a fan of going back to vanilla horses or something as similar to it as possible. Leveling up horses means that just anyone can eventually get a max stat horse, when I think its a lot more interesting and fun to do it the old fashioned way. Just my personal opinion... 

As long as we get back to natural horses, I don't really mind what plugin we use to keep them protected by players (if any).

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