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March 10, 2019 3:22 pm  

NOTE: I'm slowly adding to this over time; eventually it'll have all 60 some-odd plugins.



Announcer is the plugin we use for our automatic server messages. 


AntiFarm is a plugin we use (extremely old plugin...) to block automatic crop farms.


Adds a random chance of a beehive spawning when a new tree is grown.


This is one of our new shop plugins. We only have BossShopPro because we need it to use the addon PlayerShops


Awesome new plugin. With this Citizens (1600 city tiles) and above can bottle their experience to save for later. All you need to do is left click an enchanting table with a glass bottle. To do 10 at a time, shift + left click. It costs 10 experience to create the bottle and when used it gives 8 back.


Brewery allows you to ferment, distill, and age all manner of spirits, beers, and alcoholic beverages. A wiki can be found on their spigot page.

__BSP_PlayerShops GUI

This plugin is an addon we use for BossShop (and consequently why we needed the pro version) that is how we do the new playershops.
BSP Player Shops GUI

__Chest Commands GUI

This plugin is used to create GUI menus. Hooks into things like voting and playerpoints and what not. Kinda broken in 1.13
Chest Commands GUI

__Citizens 2.0

NPC plugin, we use this for all manner of things from shops to port masters


This plugin adds the possibility to use vanilla selectors in non-vanilla commands written in CommandBlock.


Anti Griefing plugin, logs every block interaction to our SQL server.


This is what allows [lift] [gate] [bridge] etc signs. This is a very, very extensive plugin with many redstone shortcuts etc. The best thing to do is just accept this is the plugins for lifts and gates and don't bother with familiarizing yourself with the rest of it (as far as I know we don't use it, although very cool things could be done with it)


New plugin for handling death messages, lots of cool things like linking the item someone used to kill someone with (if its named)
Death Messages Prime


Extensive scripting plugin that ties into citizens. We use this for port masters, playershops, new furnace recipes etc. Lots we can do with it.


DragonTravel gives players the opportunity to ride dragons from city to city.
Dragon Travel


Controls the dungeon instances


Plugin that we use for the real-time map on the website


This plugin is an addon we use for Dynmap. It allows us to show Worldguard regions on Dynmap.


Crappy horse plugin that doesn't even have a spigot page anymore (as far as I can tell). All I could find is their github.

A lag prevention plugin for Minecraft entities


Allows for all kinds things. Spawns, protection, chat management, blocking of items etc. Im not even sure what all we have enabled / disabled. would have to look at the config of it as I dont remember it all.


Controls (limits) the amount of animals you can have in an area. Despite popular belief, the plugin is based off of 'groupings' and not based at all on how many times the animals bump into each other.

Sets a respawn point for when you die.


A plugin I purchased on my own a couple years back. I use this to pick heads for our head shop at spawn. Simple, easy to use. Constantly being updated with more and more heads.

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The Brewery link seems to go to the bounty page (it says bounty too, didn't see that the first time :D) Do we use this one or this?