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October 11, 2019 9:29 pm  

Shop Changes

__Scrap Yard

The scrap yard in Laxia has been remade. As well as some new items being added to the scrap yard.

  • There is no longer 2 choices for scrap yard (tools or weapons). Moving forward scrap yards have all scrap items
  • More armor, tools, and things added to the scrapyard
  • Durability DOES NOT matter when you sell, you can sell almost broken items for the same price.

__Spawn Head Shop

  • 24 Heads added to the plants section


Spawn Auctions

Spawn is having another auction of shops and houses.

  • 4 New shops writs for auction, 100 tb a piece with a 10 tb bid
  • 4 New house writs for auction, varying price with a 10 tb bid
  • House 5 is 219 tiles, starting price 2190 tb
  • House 6 is 145 tiles, starting price 1450 tb
  • House 7 is 152 tiles, starting price 1520 tb
  • House 8 is 212 tiles, starting price 2120 tb


  • Added a 25% chance to roll over with 90% of the pot being carried over
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