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New Dungeon

We have added TWO new dungeons for you guys to explore! 


2021 09 13 22.03.10

Lugazag is a Goblin outpost hidden amongst the jungles! A single Goblin may not pose much of a threat, but their strength is in their numbers!

Four new items are being introduced (2 from miniboss, 2 from boss).

This dungeon features 1 miniboss, and 1 primary boss. Tailored to 2-3 players in Diamond Prot4 gear.


  • A new mechanic has been introduced: Gem Sockets
    • Gem Sockets are slots in your weapons / armor that you can insert a gem into
    • Gems are separated into Weapon Gems and Armor Gems
    • There are currently 4 types of gems:
      • Ruby
        • In Weapon: +Damage
        • In Armor: +Toughness
      • Sapphire
        • In Weapon: +Crit Chance
        • In Armor: +Dodge%
      • Topaz
        • In Weapon: +Attack Speed
        • In Armor: +Movement Speed
      • Amethyst
        • In Weapon: Vampirism (life steal on hit)
        • In Armor: +Cool Down Reduction% (use skills faster)
    • Gem each have 3 rarity levels and give bigger bonuses depending on the level
      • Cracked Gem
      • Gem
      • Flawless Gem
  • Orc Shaman Staff damage buffed from base 4.5 to base 15
  • Orc Berserker Axe damage nerfed from base 17.5 to base 14.5
  • Orc Berserker Axe +10% crit chance removed
  • Added Gem Sockets to all previous dungeon items
  • 24 Gems have been added (3 levels of each color


  • All Dungeon monsters now have a chance to drop Gems
  • Reaper has a chance to drop Gems
  • Giant Zombie has a chance to drop Gems
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