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Rank Benefits

We've heard the feedback that ya'll want more benefits, and for them to be more impactful. So this is the first in a series of updates to the rank benefits.

  • Added automatic inventory sorting and chest sorting as a rank perk
    • /isort toggle - toggles on/off auto inventory sort
    • /sort toggle - toggles on/off auto chest sort
  • Shops moved from Commoner down to Villager
  • Added inventory sort to Commoner
  • Added chest sort to Townsman
  • Access to /seen moved from Jarl to Nobleman
  • Removed /jail from Viscount
  • Added inventory sort to Jarl
  • Added chest sort to Viscount
  • Removed /jail from Duke
  • Removed /seen from Earl (inherits from Nobleman now)
  • Shops moved from Hellian to Grue
  • Added inventory sort to Deviant
  • Added chest sort to Hellian
  • Shops moved from Cultist to Acolyte
  • Added inventory sort to Shade
  • Added chest sort to Cultist
  • Shops moved from Squire to Watchman
  • Added inventory sort to Squire
  • Added chest sort to Knight

Website Changes

Holiday Gifts

  • A holiday gift shop was added to spawn. In the gazebo in front of the grocer in the market district
  • Check discord if you want to see the list of gifts

Plugin Changes


  • Dynmap has had its night mode change reverted. I think the overwhelming consensus was that night mode just wasn't as cool as it sounded on paper.


  • Added BSP addon LimitedUses
  • Taverns now correctly show the new brewery texture instead of the old potions


  • Gin recipe updated


  • Added as a rank benefit

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