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May 11, 2020 2:49 am  

Plugin Changes

  • The Headshop has been redone and is now once again open.
    • Now that it is fixed and redone, new heads will start being added again

Server Changes

  • Azher and I have set up a new server that Eldin will be moving to on the weekend of May 15th-17th.
    • The server will be whitelisted for this period of time as we need to move over all the map + money and datatables. We don't want anyone to lose any progress so this is the best solution.
    • The website, land portal, and minecraft server will all be moving to this new dedicated server
    • If you use to connect to the server, it will be the same. If you use the direct IP to connect to the server it will be changing
    • The new server has 4 times as much ram, which will allow us to allocated much more memory to handle higher loads
    • Because the new server has the capability, we are debating expanding and running some other game servers. If you have any suggestions for games you'd like to see feel free to message me or azher 🙂

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