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May 17, 2019 11:17 pm  

Plugin Changes


  • Updated ViaVersion from v1.6 to v2.1
  • ViaVersion allows clients running 1.14.1 to connect to our 1.13.2 server. It does not mean that we are running 1.14.1. You just don't have to back date your jar anymore to play on Eldin.


  • Updated LibsDisguises from v9.8.0 to v9.8.1


  • Updated OreAnnouncer from v2.0.2 to v2.1.0
  • Fixes some bugs in the string formatting.


  • Updated MobArena from v0.103.1 to v0.103.2


Gameplay Changes

__Spawn Head Shop

  • The Head Shop at spawn has returned! Sorry for the delay.
  • The shop has had a redesign, there are now 6 major categories of heads
    • Alphabet
    • Animals
    • Blocks
    • Decorations
    • Food and Drink
    • Plants
  • Today I put in 171 heads into the decoration category. All the previous decorations are there as well as a ton of new ones never before seen.
  • I will continue to add heads to the other categories, but it takes a long time as it has to all be manually put into a config file.

With the return of the Head Shop comes a change in philosophy as well. No longer will the Head Shop rotate through a small number of heads. Instead, heads will be available at all times, and I will continually release packages of heads every so often. The list will be constantly growing and I will post about which new heads get added.


Thanks everyone for reading 🙂 thats all for now

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August 24, 2019 7:36 am  

The plants page of the heads shop doesn't have a back button fyi.

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August 24, 2019 9:25 am  

Oh thanks, I'll add one