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Player Bans

  • PapaColdOne
  • Snurkle
  • Halex00
  • Unicycle43
  • bryanisalegoman

Normally we don't talk about the bans that happen that much on the server, but I felt it was needed in this case. Many players over the past month and a half have noticed that the players of Schrute Farms were accelerating through the rank structure. I know a lot of you also felt discouraged and upset that your hard work wasn't paying off in the same way and that it took way longer for yourselves to go through the ranks. Well that's the difference, hard work. It's something you all should be proud of and not get discouraged.

So, for what happened. A ways back I added mushroom soup to the server shop. Shortly after that it was either snurkle or papa (either one, doesn't matter) messaged me asking if it was ok to get mushroom stew by milking mooshrooms. I said yeah, can't think of a reason why not. Papa an Co. took that answer and ran with it. Some of you may have noticed that they began to buy up obscene amounts of wood at, frankly, prices that didnt make any sense (3-4 TB per log). Well this is where and how we made a mistake. I was under the impression that all 5 (7? not sure how many actually work on the city) had just been putting their nose to the grindstone and mining and funneling all the money to Papa. The math made sense to me so I didn't question it.

So, what were they doing with all the wood? They had made a contraption underneath their server shop that took two people to operate. One player stood in the center of 4 dispensers that would constantly drop bowls, on end. This player would look at a single mooshroom and then just hold down rightclick (or tape it, or make a macro) and with a full inventory the mushroom stew would be dropped infront of them. The second player would climb up a ladder just far enough to open their server shop, and then slide back down (the shop would stay open) into the dropped soup of Player 1. Player 2 would be the person to sell all the soup by holding down middle click (or tape it, or make a macro).

We found this out last week on the 26th of April, spent the day discussing it as a team and then decided to ban them on the following Monday I believe. There are a couple of factors that don't sit well with me and I would like to share them.

  1. This is not the first time that they have taken something I answered (without the context of what they would do or why) and just run with it. They had a spider spawner that had lagged the server and when Zeph told them to take it down, they said that I had told them it was ok. Yes, I had seen them constructing the monster farm but I had not seen it completed. They ask seemingly innocent questions and then take it and push as far as they can with the "Cerb said it was ok" line.
  2. They hid it; and hid it well. Like I said the spot they were doing this was underneath their server shop. The ladder down to the room was double blocked by TWO trap doors. Just incase anyone wondering by was curious and tried to open the top one, all they would see is another trap door (worldguard you can open doors for a split second and see through). They were careful not to buy mass amounts of bowls, they bought mass amounts of wood. If it had been a massive amount of bowls people may have caught on a lot quicker. 
  3. They abused the distance that a shop will stay open so they could do what they did in private without anyone seeing it. The fact that they went to such great lengths to make sure that NO ONE could EVER find out speaks for itself. Actions are louder than words guys.
  4. Although not an automatic farm in the truest sense of the word, its tiptoeing in incredibly thin line and I'm inclined to lean towards it being too automatic. They didn't have to move, they didn't have to worry about running to the shop or making more bowls. They just sat there. For hours. Not moving. Is that 'playing'? I don't think so, honestly.
  5. More of a personal thing, but they laughed about it when confronted. 
  6. After asking how much they had earned, Snurkle said about 2 million. That is a lot of money in a short amount of time. I would like to think that any other person on the server woulda shot me a quick message "Hey cerb, is this intended? You get a lot of money really quickly because of XYZ". As an example, I don't count something as basic as saying "Cerb is it ok if I use an axe to chop a tree?" as informing me of a potential economic exploit. 

So, for anyone asking for wood and wool to be added to the server shop, this is why it isn't. Someone's gotta ruin it for everyone else. We will definitely be more cautious about what is added to the server shop from here on. Feel free to go read their unban appeals in that forum if you want (although snurkle replied to the directions thread? instead of making his own thread?).

What will happen to their city? The city is now owned by the server and will remain with all the buildings and amenities that they had. Everyone who has a house in the city will continue to have a house. Just a change of ownership. Should go without saying they will not be keeping that money or their ranks. For anyone that would like to go look at it themselves, I left the trapdoors open at their server shop.

Anyway, how about some more positive news?

New Moderators

Hope everyone will join me in welcoming awesomebrendan and __TDub__ as moderators. We realized we needed more help with the tickets coming in because of the pandemic and brendan and tdub are being promoted! Azher and Cereal have done a couple of training sessions with them but I'm sure there will be a period of adjustment as they get used to their new powers and commands. 

Thanks for the help guys 🙂

Shop Changes

  • Removed Mushroom Stew from the sever shop
  • Changed Honey Bottles to Honey Blocks instead
    • Price is the same, just takes into account 4 honey bottles per 1 block
    • Save the beaches yall

Plugin Changes

  • Craftbook has seen a massive update to its list of allowed blocks for gates, doors, and bridges. This list had been neglected and didnt include many of the new blocks from various updates. Below is a comprehensive list of all blocks allowed.
  • blocks:
    - stone
    - granite
    - polished_granite
    - diorite
    - polished_diorite
    - andesite
    - polished_andesite
    - cobblestone
    - oak_planks
    - spruce_planks
    - birch_planks
    - jungle_planks
    - acacia_planks
    - dark_oak_planks
    - oak_log
    - spruce_log
    - birch_log
    - jungle_log
    - acacia_log
    - dark_oak_log
    - oak_wood
    - spruce_wood
    - birch_wood
    - jungle_wood
    - acacia_wood
    - dark_oak_wood
    - stripped_oak_log
    - stripped_spruce_log
    - stripped_birch_log
    - stripped_jungle_log
    - stripped_acacia_log
    - stripped_dark_oak_log
    - sandstone
    - chiseled_sandstone
    - cut_sandstone
    - white_wool
    - orange_wool
    - magenta_wool
    - light_blue_wool
    - yellow_wool
    - lime_wool
    - pink_wool
    - gray_wool
    - light_gray_wool
    - cyan_wool
    - purple_wool
    - blue_wool
    - brown_wool
    - green_wool
    - red_wool
    - black_wool
    - iron_block
    - gold_block
    - oak_slab
    - spruce_slab
    - birch_slab
    - jungle_slab
    - acacia_slab
    - dark_oak_slab
    - stone_slab
    - smooth_stone_slab
    - sandstone_slab
    - cut_sandstone_slab
    - petrified_oak_slab
    - cobblestone_slab
    - brick_slab
    - stone_brick_slab
    - nether_brick_slab
    - quartz_slab
    - red_sandstone_slab
    - cut_red_sandstone_slab
    - purpur_slab
    - prismarine_slab
    - prismarine_brick_slab
    - dark_prismarine_slab
    - smooth_quartz
    - smooth_red_sandstone
    - smooth_sandstone
    - smooth_stone
    - bricks
    - mossy_cobblestone
    - obsidian
    - purpur_block
    - purpur_pillar
    - diamond_block
    - stone_bricks
    - mossy_stone_bricks
    - cracked_stone_bricks
    - chiseled_stone_bricks
    - nether_bricks
    - end_stone_bricks
    - emerald_block
    - chiseled_quartz_block
    - quartz_block
    - quartz_pillar
    - white_terracotta
    - orange_terracotta
    - magenta_terracotta
    - light_blue_terracotta
    - yellow_terracotta
    - lime_terracotta
    - pink_terracotta
    - gray_terracotta
    - light_gray_terracotta
    - cyan_terracotta
    - purple_terracotta
    - blue_terracotta
    - brown_terracotta
    - green_terracotta
    - red_terracotta
    - black_terracotta
    - terracotta
    - coal_block
    - white_stained_glass
    - orange_stained_glass
    - magenta_stained_glass
    - light_blue_stained_glass
    - yellow_stained_glass
    - lime_stained_glass
    - pink_stained_glass
    - gray_stained_glass
    - light_gray_stained_glass
    - cyan_stained_glass
    - purple_stained_glass
    - blue_stained_glass
    - brown_stained_glass
    - green_stained_glass
    - red_stained_glass
    - black_stained_glass
    - stained_glass
    - prismarine
    - prismarine_bricks
    - dark_prismarine
    - red_sandstone
    - chiseled_red_sandstone
    - cut_red_sandstone
    - red_nether_bricks
    - bone_block
    - white_concrete
    - orange_concrete
    - magenta_concrete
    - light_blue_concrete
    - yellow_concrete
    - lime_concrete
    - pink_concrete
    - gray_concrete
    - light_gray_concrete
    - cyan_concrete
    - purple_concrete
    - blue_concrete
    - brown_concrete
    - green_concrete
    - red_concrete
    - black_concrete
    - polished_granite_slab
    - smooth_red_sandstone_slab
    - mossy_stone_brick_slab
    - polished_diorite_slab
    - mossy_cobblestone_slab
    - end_stone_brick_slab
    - smooth_sandstone_slab
    - smooth_quartz_slab
    - granite_slab
    - andesite_slab
    - red_nether_brick_slab
    - polished_andesite_slab
    - diorite_slab
    - dried_kelp_block
  • blocks:
    - oak_fence
    - spruce_fence
    - birch_fence
    - jungle_fence
    - acacia_fence
    - dark_oak_fence
    - iron_bars
    - nether_brick_fence
    - cobblestone_wall
    - mossy_cobblestone_wall
    - brick_wall
    - prismarine_wall
    - red_sandstone_wall
    - mossy_stone_brick_wall
    - granite_wall
    - nether_brick_wall
    - andesite_wall
    - red_nether_brick_wall
    - sandstone_wall
    - end_stone_brick_wall
    - diorite_wall
    - glass_pane
    - white_stained_glass_pane
    - orange_stained_glass_pane
    - magenta_stained_glass_pane
    - light_blue_stained_glass_pane
    - yellow_stained_glass_pane
    - lime_stained_glass_pane
    - pink_stained_glass_pane
    - gray_stained_glass_pane
    - light_gray_stained_glass_pane
    - cyan_stained_glass_pane
    - purple_stained_glass_pane
    - blue_stained_glass_pane
    - brown_stained_glass_pane
    - green_stained_glass_pane
    - red_stained_glass_pane
    - black_stained_glass_pane
  • Guild war cooldown reduced to 12 hours instead of 24 hours.
  • Not really a guilds change, but I added a flag to the war arena the prevents item durability damage.