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Hey Everyone! If you've been following along on our public trello page then you've been watching me check things off the list for the Big Update 🙂 There was a ton of stuff in this update, and we've been working super hard on it for quite a while! 


We're super excited to give you guys this massive update!


New Dungeons

We have added TWO new dungeons for you guys to explore! 

__Lost Pyramid


The Lost Pyramid dungeon is an expansive adventure taking you to Eldin's sprawling desert oasis. Hidden amongst the oasis is an ancient pyramid. The mysterious pyramid holds many secrets, and you'll have to find a way inside of it to discover them!

This dungeon features 2 minibosses, and 1 primary boss. Tailored to 1-2 players in unenchanted netherite gear

__Mines of Argonach


Far to the edges of the world, the Argonach region of Eldin is famous for its majestic mountain ranges. Nestled within these peaks is a mineshaft long abandoned. What caused the miners to abandon the riches found in the mine? 

This dungeon features 1 primary boss. Tailored to 1-2 players in unenchanted diamond gear.

Both dungeons feature new and interesting custom items, and are the first dungeons to feature custom modeled monsters! You can play these new dungeons by going to the Tavern in the Market District at spawn and heading into the basement. There you can find portals to the new dungeons.

Dungeon Portals for the 2 new dungeons are also purchasable by Guilds to have in their Guild Halls.


Building Changes

  • Arcane Forge was added.
    • The arcane forge functions similarly to a blacksmith and will allow you to craft mystical and magical custom items.
    • An arcane forge was added to spawn, next to the blacksmith and iron server shops in the market district
  • Banks now have an NPC for personal item storage
    • The personal item vaults will transfer from map to map, like the guild vaults did. This is a way for players to save their favorite items every map reset, and to retain hard to get dungeon items.


Plugin Changes


  • WorldBorder has been extended from 7,500 to 10,000


  • ViaVersion was added back in to allow people running 1.17 to connect to our server


  • Added the Bank plugin for personal item vaults (added NPC to Bank building to access)

__Mob Arena

  • Redid Mob Arena rewards
    • Better rewards like netherite
  • Added 20 additional waves with 2 new bosses
  • New equipment waves give you the chance to get upgraded class gear making each play a bit different
    • For example, you have a chance for a bow to drop allowing for all classes to have a ranged combat option
  • Added two new classes to the mob arena
    • Highwayman - A crossbow using mid-range fighter. Tankier than the bowman, but less ranged capabilities. Has Cat pet to scare away creepers.
    • Gladiator - A tanky fighter that makes use of Tridents


Item Changes

  • Ancient Repair Hammer added to game. The repair hammer is a consumable to allows you to repair all mmoitems. Can be crafted at Blacksmiths
  • Added all the dungeon items
  • Added all the festival items
  • Pickaxe of the Unyielding is craftable at Arcane Forge


Festival Changes

The festival grounds have returned to Eldin! 

A new parkour game was added, as well as the Maze having a rework. The Maze will now change itself every time a player completes it. 

The festival rewards have been updated, featuring new items!

  • The Lucky Rabbit's Foot makes a return! Hold this item in your offhand to grant you a Luck effect
  • Cloud in a Bottle: An item that reduces the fall damage you take by 50%!
  • Spring Boots: A pair of boots that grant the user higher jumps!
  • Pickaxe of the Monarch makes a return in the maze! Come get this Fortune 4 pickaxe!
  • Mending books available from the mob arena
  • The archery game features various tipped arrows you can trade your tokens for!

All the festival vendors can be found in the Tavern in the Festival Grounds. 

How do you get to the Festival Grounds? 

The festival can be reach by going to the Tavern in the Market District of Spawn. On the second floor there is a portal that will take you to the Festival Grounds 🙂


New Logo

I bought a new logo for the server! We plan to spruce it up a little bit more, but for now I really love the shape of it!

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