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August 23, 2019 5:37 pm  

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to announce the return of Dungeons to the World of Eldin!

I'm excited to finally get this out and get it into players hands! If you've been on for the past week or two you've probably seen the death messages in chat as we went about our testing 😛 I also want to the thank everyone that let me kill them repeatedly while we tested these monsters 🤣 

I always wanted dungeons / adventuring to be a valid source of income next to mining and farming, and I think we finally have that now! All players of your dungeon group will get money for killing dungeon monsters! On top of the money, they also drop a great amount of experience! Even more, they also drop exclusive dungeon items the likes of which Eldin has never had before! You DO NOT have to complete the dungeon to keep any rewards you get along the way. Die halfway through? No worries, you keep the money, loot, and experience you find!

So gear up with your friends for some fresh, challenging, exciting new content!

__Dungeon Changes

We've been working hard to get out this first dungeon for everyone. The dungeon is BYOG (bring your own gear), unlike mob arenas that force you to use a predetermined set of gear. You will not lose the gear if you die, so bring the best that you have! So let me introduce:

Ushatâr Maudhûl

Far to the north of Eldin's border, Orcs are amassing and staging an invasion. Seemingly overnight, the Orcs have set up an outpost in Eldin's frozen wastes. It is up to you and your friends to travel to this Orcish outpost and find out what you can about the Orc's battleplans! The Orcs are highly dangerous, and you would do well to prepare for the worst.

Our intel has leads to believe that the Orcs are being led by a particularly nasty Shaman..

Unfortunately we know nothing about his abilities, but if he is leading the other orcs he is bound to be highly dangerous. 

Luckily for us, this is just a scouting outpost. The Orc forces are made up of Berserkers and Karkat-Lak archers.. If the Orcs are allowed to get the entire might of their army past Eldin's boarders... I shudder to think would would happen.

Join me and the other staff all weekend long for some dungeon groups 🙂 Look forward to adventuring with everyone!




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