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[Closed] adamhello Unban Request  


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October 11, 2020 11:41 pm  
  • IN GAME NAME(IGN): adamhello
  • ROUGH TIME OF BAN: 12:00 PM EST 10/12/2020 
  • REASON FOR BEING BANNED: "We don't have time to babysit your offensive chat."

To my explicit knowledge there are 3 possible reasons for which I was banned.

  1. I decided to have fun and start a commune under communist principles. I joked around with Matrone about it and made standard communist jokes and saying. Ex. Telling Awesomebrendan that he was the 1%. Or joking about making books to spread propaganda.
  2. I said I was going to look into pushing up against the rules on auto farms. Note: the server has autofarm protections to prevent this and has very clear rules on what is not allowed. I stated I would not break the rules but maybe push up against them.
  3. I made a joke about Chinese Manufacturing. Someone said they were going to sell "Beginner Enchanted gear" on the next map. I asked what that meant and they responded "Cheap." I made a joke saying "Sounds like buying a gun made in china. More deadly to the user than the enemy." This is not a joke about Chinese people,  it is not racist and is barely offensive as anyone familiar with manufacturing or the tech industry will attest that goods made in china are generally not high quality. I was admonished for this anyway and that was the only slightly offensive joke I made.


  • ADMIN YOU WERE BANNED BY (if you know): Zephyr (Requested by Awesomebrendan)
  • WHY YOU SHOULD BE UNBANNED (why should we let you back)?: Because;
  1. Joking about communism or beginning a commune are not against the rules.
  2. Talking about maybe wanting to do something is not against the rules. Breaking the rules is against the rules.
  3. That joke is worth at most a mute realistically. It was not a joke about a group of people, race, religion or ethnicity, it did not degrade anyone and at most was a joke on bad manufacturing standards set by a frankly autocratic nation. Hardly deserving of a ban.

Edit 1:
I read all the available ban appeals on the forums and do not see any appeal which provides any precedent for this ban. Anything relating to language was cursing or possibly racism. (My interpretation of the reason for the bans so I could be wrong. Some people aren't as detailed as I'd like to fully understand but I work with what I've got.

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October 16, 2020 3:59 pm  
I looked back over the logs and we decided that a temporary ban will be sufficient. You've been unbanned.
Posted by: @adamhello

Edit 1:
I read all the available ban appeals on the forums and do not see any appeal which provides any precedent for this ban. 

Most of the cases involving temp bans aren't posted here on the forums. That is why you only find actual permanent ban reasons.

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