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Boybriggs unban request  


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October 25, 2020 7:50 pm  


  • Boybriggs
  • About a few weeks ago unsure of date
  • Auto fishing was the reason for the ban
  • I believe it was cerberus  
  • I really enjoy this server I always have.  I know I broke one of the servers which was a mistake I miss the community.  I will obviously not be using any mods like this again I really enjoy the almost family like community that's been created in this server.  I completely understand if you choose to keep me banned. Thank you everyone who makes Eldin so much fun!

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October 27, 2020 12:07 am  

Well, I am glad that you came straight out and just said it. That is a big first step to an unban appeal.

I think we just need more information though. A key component of an unban is why we should reconsider it. Autofishing (especially using a mod) is an extremely quick way to ruin the economy we have here. Mending books go for 10k a piece and when I was cleaning out your chests I definitely spotted a few.

So if you wanna take a couple days and answer the "why?" question I feel like it would help when I bring it to our staff meetings for people's opinions.