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Devorpmi unban request  

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  • IN GAME NAME(IGN): Devorpmi
  • ROUGH TIME OF BAN: 2016-17?
  • REASON FOR BEING BANNED: Flying/Forcefield
  • ADMIN YOU WERE BANNED BY (if you know): Not sure... maybe cerborus or something?
  • WHY YOU SHOULD BE UNBANNED (why should we let you back)?: I was stupid enough to hack fairly quickly after I joined the server which was rather stupid since I actually enjoyed the community while it lasted. I just saw the discord that you added new stuff and would love to come back to the server to take a look around - I no longer have no interest in hacking and will do my best do abide by all rules.
    Hope you'll consider my request 🙂

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Hi Improved.

Not really sure what you hoped to accomplish? Other than being a bigger dimwit. 

Is this how you get unbanned, man? You burned a bridge here, we will never reconsider your ban appeals now; good job dude.

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