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[Solved] I'm sorry guys  


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July 13, 2019 1:42 am  
  • IN GAME NAME(IGN): Electrocraft1
  • ROUGH TIME OF BAN: August of 2018 (somehow got banned from the discord server around winter of 2018)
  • REASON FOR BEING BANNED: XRay texture pack
  • ADMIN YOU WERE BANNED BY (if you know): RabidPig
  • WHY YOU SHOULD BE UNBANNED (why should we let you back)?:
  • I made a mistake. Multiple, actually. I made the mistake of taking out a loan I couldn't properly repay. I made the mistake of panicking. I made the mistake of XRaying to try and fix my mistakes before the year was up. I'm sorry.
  • I wasn't using X-Raying to be a devious little demon and get rich quick. I just thought I wouldn't get caught. I hadn't and haven't even X-Rayed on other servers, just Eldin. And I acted like an idiot knowing full well if I did get caught, I'd be banned from one of my favorite minecraft servers. I honestly regret it.
  • I wanna start over. I wanna go back to the beginning and do it right. I wanna do it without doing anything to get me banned again. If I get the chance to come back, I don't wanna lose it again.
  • I don't know for sure how, but I was also banned from the discord server (I think, I noticed another friend couldn't even find the working link). I suspect it was because I set my profile pic to something stupid for a joke in another friend's DMs. It could have also been that I'd said something edgy, though I don't know what. Whatever I did, I'm sorry and I hope I can come back to the discord server too.
  • Please take me back. I love your server, and I wish I could try again and make it right.


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August 3, 2019 5:13 pm  

Sorry but I'm going to deny your claim for now. Chill with messaging everyone and I'll consider letting you back.