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Unban Request For Agmoth/KingCasomere (changed IGN)

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I believe it was In December (sorry Its been awhile since the ban)



Well I believe that you should unban me because Caves and Cliffs Part 1 is out, I would like to have a server to Play on as well as start new with this update and Flying/Cheating is out of my head you will not see me nor find me cheating ever again on Eldin it was wrong it was a cardinal rule not to Fly/cheat and I knew that it was a mistake. But if you guys will have me back I would like to gain your trust back starting with no pvp drama nor Flying,it would be a whirl if you guys could give me a server to play on with my friends and such I apologize for past behavior and actions I know it probably caused way more trouble for you than it did me because you guys always had to come and watch me and deal with drama but I ask for another chance to gain your trust back and to prove that I wont be a problem anymore. Thank you all!

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Hey Agmoth, 


A new update isn't a good reason for an unban (especially considering Eldin isn't on 1.17 yet, paper is not stable).

I will bring up your appeal at our next staff meeting, Saturday July 3rd.