Are you OK with the forum having minimal advertisements? Poll is created on Mar 13, 2019

Poll results: Are you OK with the forum having minimal advertisements?
Voter(s): 11
Poll is created on Mar 13, 2019
Yes  -  votes: 7 / 63.6%
No  -  votes: 0 / 0%
Indifferent  -  votes: 4 / 36.4%

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13/03/2019 4:30 pm  

Hey everyone, I wanted to ask your opinions before I did it. I'd like to add some minimal ads to the forums (probably just at the very bottom) as another source of income for the server. Even it's a super small amount of money, I think introducing new forms of income is always a good idea (like we used to have with our amazon affiliates link... what happened to that? Post for another time I guess). 

I just want to stress that no, the server does not need money right now thanks to all the generous community members that donated over the winter holidays; but I would rather set this up now then later if we needed it.

So I wanted to pose this poll for everyone and I'd appreciate it if you all could vote in it 😀 If there are any questions feel free to post below as well!

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13/03/2019 4:42 pm  

Honestly I use an ad blocker, so it doesn't really affect me at all

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14/03/2019 1:41 am  

You might want to Whitelist Eldin, if you have an ad blocker, because you're helping the community in a small way. My dad used to make and host sites, and he'd just ask the users to click the google ads once a day. He got pretty good fluff from it, so if someone wasn't able to donate for whatever reason but still wanted to help, they could always click the ads to give Eldin a hand. 

Banner ads have never really bothered me, its only the pop ups and the sound ads that drive me crazy. 

I say lets do it!

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30/03/2019 10:29 am  

I'm not against advertisement, but just not very happy with all the tracking across sites that comes with it.


So... I guess it depends on how it's implemented?

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