Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can anyone take my stuff?

A: The wilderness in Eldin is an unprotected area, so watch out for your belongings! You can always purchase land with in game currency called Trade Bars if you want to protect a plot of land


Q: How do I buy a plot of land? How much does it cost?

A: Once you have enough Trade Bars you can submit a ticket for your protected land. An Admin will be with you shortly to set up your new plot.  The land ranks and titles, as well as perks as listed HERE.  Land prices are 30tb for wild land, 60tb for nether land, and city prices will vary depending on the owner. Plots are also sold by the tile, from sky to bedrock.


Q: What are some of the basic commands I should know for the server?

A: A list of the most common commands are listed HERE. This list will be added to as time goes on, so make sure to come back and check every now and then!


Q: Where can I find a basic overview of the server?

A: An overview of the server has been written up HERE for you to read.


Q: Why should I play Eldin?

A:Eldin is a very unique Minecraft Server, with a very unique community. Trying to explain the feel of Eldin is like trying to explain the colours of sunset, or the way the air smells before it snows. You need to experience it. You need to explore this world before you can understand what defines it. You need to let yourself become a part of Eldin, and watch as Eldin becomes a part of you. It can’t hurt to try. Learn the rules, read the rich histories of Eldin, and join us. Build friendships, forge kingdoms, and create an adventure unlike any other. Live in your world. Build in ours. (Quote from our very own member)

We are excited that you have looked into our server and can’t wait to see you playing with along with us!



Q: Why can’t I farm underground/water break crops/pistons move farms?

A: Eldin is a hard server where you need to work in order to rank up and thrive. Auto farms ruin that process, and our economy isnt made to have players auto farm.

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