The first new feature we want to announce, and a much requested one, is the addition of McMMO to Eldin! We’ve been wanting to add this for a while but decided to wait for a map change so everyone can start on a new journey all at the same time.

So, some might be asking “What is McMMO?”. Well, McMMO adds a leveling system to Minecraft and you unlock different perks for different skills as you level. For instance, when you level your mining skill you get a small chance at getting double drops from ores and stones.

Being max level in a skill should be a major achievement to strive towards, and that time invested should be respected. As such, McMMO experience and skills will always transfer between maps. We will not be resetting peoples hard work when we switch maps! Up until now only one thing on Eldin has been transferred between maps, people’s economy balances. After a decade we can finally add a second member to that list!

Below I will go into all the skills that will be available on Eldin, and what you can expect when you level them up!


Acrobatics is a skill that is focused on reducing the fall damage a player takes.

You can level up this skill by taking fall damage, and doing so while wearing feather falling boots will double the experience you get.

Leveling acrobatics will unlock the ability to dodge, roll, and gracefull roll. Rolling and graceful rolling are a passive chance to reduce the damage taken during a fall. Dodging is a passive chance to reduce damage being taken by a monster or if a player hits you.


Archery is a skill focused around players using bows and arrows.

Leveling this skill requires players to deal damage with a bow.

As you level up archery, you gain a passive chance to automatically retrieve arrows after they are shot. You also gain a passive chance to ‘Daze’ your enemies, causing a nausea affect on the target you hit.


Axes is a combat skill centered around, you guessed it, axes.

Defeating monsters and / or other players will gain you experience in this skill.

Axe combat has a number of different passive skills that you acquire as you level up. Critical Strikes is a passive skill that will raise your base chance to critically hit. Greater Impact will knockback your foes and do a bit of bonus damage. Armor Impact gives a chance to inflict bonus durability damage to the enemy’s armor.

The Axe skill’s super ability is known as Skull Splitter, and can be used by right clicking while holding an axe. Skull Splitter will add an area of effect to your attacks with an Axe. You do less damage, but gain the ability to damage large groups of monsters at once!


As with the other combat skills, this is one centered around Swords.

Defeat enemies with a sword to level up the skill.

Swords get their own set of abilities similar to Axes. As you level up you gain the passive ability to Counter Attack when struck by enemies. This counter attack is a chance to inflict a certain amount of the damage you received back towards the attacker (you still take the full damage). Swords also gain a passive chance to inflict a bleeding effect on enemies they hit, causing them to take a small amount of damage over time.

Swords active ability, Serrated Strikes is similar to that of Axes as it is an area of affect ability. However, instead of reducing the damage, Serrated Strikes is a slight increase in damage and will cause a bleed effect on all enemies that are hit.


Excavation is the act of digging and requires a shovel to be used to level up.

Excavation has one passive ability called Archeology, that will sometimes reward you with a bonus select few items when digging things like dirt or sand.

The active ability for Excavation is called Giga Drill Breaker, which speeds up digging.


Herbalism focuses around mainly the act of farming.

You can level herbalism by breaking crops and flowers.

There are many passive skills of herbalism. As you level up you unlock Green Thumb, which lets you use seeds on dirt to make grass or you can use seeds on cobblestone or stone bricks to make their mossy variant. Green Thumb has a chance to automatically replant crops you harvest. Similarly, Shroom Thumb will let you use mushrooms on grass to turn it into mycelium. The Hylian Luck ability is similar to the Archeology ability, you will also get a few additional random items from breaking grass.

Herbalism also has a percent chance for double drops from crops the more you level it up. The final passive ability of herbalism is Farmer’s Diet, which gives bonus hunger restoration to foods that are grown (bread, carrots, potatoes, cookies, melons, mushroom soup and carrots).

The Active Ability of Herbalism is called Green Terra. Activating the ability will provide triple drops and crops are guaranteed to be replanted.


Mining is fairly straightforward, it’s a skill about mining in Minecraft.

You can level up your mining by breaking stones and ores.

Like Herbalism, mining has a passive chance for double drops.

The active ability for Mining is called Super Breaker. Activating the ability increases your mining speed and gives a chance at triple drops.


This skill is about choppin’ those trees.

You can level this skill by cutting down anything resembling a tree.

As you level you skill you get a passive chance at double log drops.

The active ability for Woodcutting is called Tree Feller. Activating this ability will allow you to instantly fell a tree just by breaking one of the blocks.


Alchemy involves anything brewing related.

Brewing different levels of potions will level up your Alchemy Skills.

Leveling up unlocks a wider range of ingredients that you can use to make potions. For example, brewing a potion using nether quartz will make a potion of absorption.