Hello everyone! It’s time for a new update post for the upcoming 1.16 map! This post is going to revolve around a shift in how Eldin does custom items. We are switching over to a new plugin called MMOItems which allows us to do so much more than our old plugin. I’ll walk everyone through the finer details below:


There is so much that we are able to do with this plugin, and the whole staff is so excited about all the possibilities. The biggest feature we are excited about, is that all custom weapons and items will now have their own, unique texture!

There is so much more we can do than just retexturing items:

  • New, unique item/weapon types. We can have daggers, spears, lances, whips, shortswords, greatswords, staffs, wands etc all with their own unique combat style
  • We can do item set bonuses. For example, if you are wearing a full set of a specific armor type, it can give extra bonuses to health, armor, grant special skills, etc.
  • We can introduce new crafting stations that have their own recipes for crafting new items (new city building?)
  • Items and armor can have gem sockets, allowing you to add custom gems that will tailor the stats to your liking.
  • The items will have a glow around them and display their name now when they drop from monsters or from players.
  • The list goes on, the ability to do what ever we want to is astounding with this plugin.


I have gone through all of our current custom items and remade them in this new plugin, as well as given each and every one of them their own custom skin:

Reaper’s Scythe

The Reaper’s Scythe looks much more menacing and now stands out, instead of an iron hoe

Orc Berserker’s Axe

A special item should have a special texture! Looks much more like a warrior’s weapon and less like a wood cutter.

Orc Shaman Staff

No longer just a normal looking stick, the shaman staff looks it’s part. It was also updated to a custom mmoitems weapon type, allowing it to shoot not only ice bolts, but magical bolts as a regular attack (left clicking).

Pickaxe of the Unyielding

Getting a cool new look, the pickaxe lives up to its name of unbreakable, unending mining.

Pickaxe of the Monarch

Certainly looks like a pickaxe fit for an Emperor now!

Now if that was all I did, it wouldn’t be a very big update post! I took the liberty of introducing an entirely new metal as well as a full set of tools / armor using it. I am really excited to announce steel as a new material on Eldin! Steel tools are three times more durable than Iron tools (putting them at 750, as opposed to 250). Steel is squarely in the middle between Diamond and Iron, in all aspects (attack damage, durability, defense). Let me show you what steel looks like, and then we can explain how you acquire steel.

Steel Ingot

The basic ingredient for all steel recipes. Steel ingots can be made with 2 Iron Ingots and 4 Coal.

Steel Shovel

At 750 durability, a steel shovel is a great choice to collect sand without using up valuable diamonds or netherite!

Steel Pickaxe

A steel pickaxe can be used to mine anything an iron pickaxe can, except it will last far longer!

Steel Hoe

Save the diamonds when making a large farm and use steel to till all the dirt!

Steel Axe

Pairs well with mcMMO when using tree feller, and who wants to spend diamonds just to cut down trees anyway!

Steel Sword

With only .5 damage difference between a steel sword and a diamond sword, it could be a great choice for monster farms / animal farms.

Steel Dagger

Like the other daggers, the steel dagger is half the damage of its sword counterpart with 50% higher attack speed. Daggers also have a base 5% chance to critical.

Wait what? Daggers? Yes! Daggers!

Daggers will be the first new weapon type introduced to Eldin! There is a dagger for every type of material (except wood). All daggers have half the attack damage, while attacking 50% faster. They all also have a base +5% critical chance over swords. Daggers can output higher damage per second, but suffer from a lower maximum damage making them ideal for those of us that like faster paced combat. Below are all the custom dagger skins (minus the steel one already shown).

Stone Dagger

2.5 Attack Damage
2.4 Attacks per second
+5% Critical Strike Chance

Iron Dagger

3 Attack Damage
2.4 Attacks per second
+5% Critical Strike Chance

Golden Dagger

2 Attack Damage
2.4 Attacks per second
+5% Critical Strike Chance

Diamond Dagger

3.5 Attack Damage
2.4 Attacks per second
+5% Critical Strike Chance

Netherite Dagger

4 Attack Damage
2.4 Attacks per second
+5% Critical Strike Chance

New Building: The Blacksmith

At this point most of you are probably asking how you craft all these new items. Well, you will have to visit cities to do it! We are adding a new building to the list of city buildings, the Blacksmith.

This building was left off the list of new buildings last post, because I didn’t want to spoil what was coming. In an effort to make a Blacksmith available to all players, no matter where they choose to settle in the world, the Blacksmith will give cities +50 income to incentivize city owners to make one for the community to use.

A full list of the requirements can be seen back on the new buildings page:


For those that are curious what the UI of the blacksmith looks like:

There is a short crafting time and players can queue up 5 items to craft while they do other things in the city they are visiting.

Custom Resource Pack

All of this is only possible thanks to a custom resource pack I have created. If you all want to see the custom items and textures that Eldin will be using, then I implore each and every one of you to download the resource pack!

I want to stress a very important point: You will not have to go out of your way to download the resource pack. When you log into the server for the first time on the 1.16 map, it will prompt you in game if you want to download our resource pack:

All you have to do as a player is hit yes, and everything else is taken care of automatically. Once the pack is downloaded, you won’t see this prompt again unless the resource pack is updated/changed to include more custom items.

I would like to stress another very important point: Eldin will never change the textures of vanilla blocks, they will remain as default textures. This resource pack will never change the textures of already existing blocks. As a player on Eldin, you will still be free to use what ever texture pack you desire. Our server resource pack will only be for things that we ourselves have created (custom items, weapon types, etc).

We tried very hard, and spent a large amount of time on the textures for our new items. We tried our best to not go overboard and made textures that feel like they could be vanilla textures, and belong in the game.


Well, what about brewery? Brewery has a bunch of custom drinks (37 of them) and they’re just basically different colored potions… kinda boring honestly…

Well… I redid all 37 brewery drinks and they all have their own custom textures as well. I will quickly show all the different textures:

Hopefully this adds much more immersion, as now we aren’t drinking beer out of a potion bottle!

Final Thoughts

Moving forward any new items we add will all have their own custom made texture, and not just be a renamed vanilla item. I hope I have convinced all of you to allow the server to automatically download the resource pack for you. If I haven’t.. well then just stay tuned till the next blog post where I will announce even more things that will tie in with not only mmoitems, but the other systems of Eldin as well!