Have you ever wanted penguins in Minecraft? Scorpions? Sharks? Well, Java Minecraft has come an extraordinarily long way and we now have the means to add custom modeled monsters to our server! This capability has always existed (I’m sure a lot of you know about Minecraft mods and all that they can add) but it has never really been an option for us on unmodded Minecraft; until now.

Model Engine does all the heavy lifting, and all we have to do is include the files it generates into our servers custom resource pack! I imagine many of you were already planning to have the server install our resource pack (for steel, the custom textured items) but now it will not only be custom items, but custom monsters as well!

When the new map launches on December 11th, five new custom modeled monsters will be making their way to our world. Hopefully these monsters show the absolute ground breaking nature of this plugin, and what it means for our server (custom dungeon bosses?). Let me introduce the first five new monsters coming to Eldin that utilize Model Engine!

Hermit Crab

These little guys scuttle around the beaches and will run away from players if they come too close!


Jellyfish bring more life to the ocean’s coral reefs! Getting stung by one causes nausea for the player.


Careful in the ocean, sharks are lurking in the reefs and will go after a player if they come too close!

Rhino Beetle

These beetles will defend their territory and can be found in the dark forests of the world


Roaming the deserts, the scorpion has a potent venom that it uses against players careless enough to come too close