Welcome to the World of Eldin! Wanting to learn more about our world? You’ve come to the right place! Our server was founded in 2010 around the holidays; a product of Axebyte, the first owner! Since then our server has been through several owners, and even more maps, all of which you can find [here].  

All of us here who play on Eldin enjoy the server’s challenging and unique gaming experience! You’ll be starting as all of us have, as a peasant with only the clothes on your back and a spark for glory. Sure, you start at the bottom, but now the only way to go is up!  

You’ll earn Trade Bars, our world’s currency, and strive forward with the objective of purchasing land. Will you start as a Gentry, carving out the wild land as your own frontier? Or perhaps the city life is more your fancy, and you’d rather live comfortably within the walls as a city Villager?  

Your rank is important and is the primary progression of status on this server. People will know you not only by name, but by title within the community. In order to progress in earning money and thus progress in land ownership many players mine ores for money, but you can also sell items to other players, fish, or tend to a farm and sell your harvest.  

While it initially seems like saving for your first plot of land is simple, there’s always the unexpected twist. Keep your valuables close or hidden in clever spots while a peasant, as any unprotected chest is fair game to looters and griefers. While Eldin does not condone griefing, and is a bannable offense when done on or near protected land, unprotected wild lame is fair game to such thievery. Despite this possibility, you’ll find most players in this long standing community, friendly and generous. Many will need help around their plots or towns, and are willing to pay for the assistance!  

Soon you’ll realize that, with time invested, your small plot will begin to grow. Owning your own city becomes an option for you before you know it, and it very well may be that you could find your name etched among the great emperors and empresses of Eldin’s history!  

Want to know more about land, ranks, and titles? You can find more information [here].  

Whether out in the wilds, or nestled within city walls, you’ll never find a dull moment in the World of Eldin! Our variety of plugins allow for cities to declare war, for people to fight monsters (and each other), and for you to most importantly spend time with friends both old and new. Player and Server hosted events are always just around the corner. Don’t miss the next opportunity to make new friends!  

As we celebrate the anniversary of our 8th year, we welcome you to join us. Our community is ever thriving on our [discord] server, and we would love to have you online with us.  

See you there!