The Brewery plugin allows players to experiment with making custom beer, spirits, and wine. Each recipe is a puzzle between ingredients, fermentation time, aging, and distilling. There are currently 37 custom recipes for players to discover, with some giving strong potion effects to the drinker.

All 37 brews are based on real world recipes with creative liberties taken when Minecraft limits the available ingredients. It is recommended to keep a log of what you try so you can tweak your recipes as needed. Once you perfect a recipe, you are able to sell the brews at city Taverns. Each tavern can only buy 7 out of the 37 brews on Eldin, so traveling to find one that buys your stock is important.


To begin with brewery, the first step is to ferment the fresh ingredients.

  1. Place Cauldron over a Fire or other heat source
  2. Fill it with water
  3. Add Ingredients to the cauldron by right clicking on it
  4. Wait a few minutes while they ferment
  5. Fill in glass bottles

Tip: Right clicking the cauldron with a clock will tell you how long the ingredients have been in the cauldron.


Some recipes do not need to be distilled.

  1. Put the bottle that you got from fermenting into a brewing stand
  2. Put glowstone dust as a filter into the top of the brewing stand (The filter will not be consumed)

Tip: Some brews need to be distilled multiple times


A barrel is needed for aging brews. There are 3 different barrel sizes and 6 different wood types you can use.

  • Minecraft Barrel
    • Only the first three inventory locations will age brews
    • The default minecraft barrels wood type is oak
  • Small Barrel
    • Allows 9 brews to be aged inside
    • Can be made from any of the six wood types
    • Requires 8 stairs and 1 sign with Barrel on the first line
  • Large Barrel
    • Allows 27 brews to be aged inside
    • Can be made from any of the six wood types
    • Requires 16 stairs, 5 fence posts, 1 sign, and 18 planks

Tip: The wood type has an affect on the quality of a specific brew.


You can seal your brews by crafting a sealing table and placing your brews inside.

This allows a player to stack the brews in their playershops so they only occupy one space of your shop

Tip: Sealing a brew will remove all the information such as aging time from your brew, useful for trade secrets!


Once you have successfully mastered a brew and it has a special colored name, then you can journey to your closest tavern to sell to them.

Each tavern is only allowed 7 of the 37 different brews, so travelling may be necessary. You can recognize the bartenders by their skin seen to the left.

Tip: Each tavern will also sell 3 basic recipe books that will jumpstart your brewing journey!

Tip: All Tavern NPCs will look exactly the same so you can easily recognize them!

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