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In the World of Eldin there are two forms of quick travel; Dragon Travel and Port Authorities. Dragon Travel is the slower option where you fly on a dragon’s back to your destination, while a Port Authority will instantly teleport you. Both forms of travel are only available from city to city, there is no fast travel options available for the wilderness.

Dragon Travel

Dragon Travels are recognizable by the large towers that are required for city owners to create. At the top of the tower you will find an npc that when right click, will give you a list of destinations in chat. All you have to do is type in chat which city you want to go to, and you automatically mount a dragon and start flying towards your destination.

Dragon Travel costs players 50 Trade Bars per use.

Tip: Dragon Travel is free for anyone above the Aristocrat city rank

Port Authority

Port Authorities can be recognized as various forms of transportation; such as boats, trains, balloons, etc. Just like with Dragon Travel, right clicking the npc will give a list of destinations and chat. Typing in the destination you want to travel to will instantly teleport you there.

Port Authority costs players 300 Trade Bars per use.

Tip: Port Authority is free for anyone above the Lord city rank

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