Urnil’s Cuirass

Tool Tip


  • Armor Type: Chestpiece
  • Durability: 528
  • Armor: 8
  • Armor Toughness: 2.08 – 2.92


  • Unbreaking III
  • Thorns X

Set Bonus

  • Nytil’s Embrace [2]
    • +4 Health (+2 Hearts)


  • Lost When Broken: No
  • Interaction: Disabled
  • Crafting: Disabled
  • Smelting: Disabled
  • Smithing: Disabled
  • Enchanting: Disabled
  • Repairing: Disabled

How to Acquire

  • 25% chance to drop from the Arachnoid in The Lost Pyramid dungeon.


  • Urnil is a new part of our expanded lore project. He was developed to be a Lieutenant of Nytil’s armies of the night. Urnil / Nytil may make appearances in later dungeons as enemies or story components.
  • Nytil was one of Eldin’s old Gods that players could follow / worship back when Eldin had the Gods plugin. Nytil / this plugin could return in the future for players to enjoy again.

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