Founded December 10th, 2010

We do not Tolerate Cheaters/Hackers. Flight, speed, or x-ray will get you banned. We do allow Mini-map.

The World of Eldin is not a very easy place to excel. You have the choice to just live off the land out in the wilderness, try and amass enough money to have your land protected, or go the cheaper route and buy land in a city.

Our money is iConomy based, and our virtual currency is called Trade-Bars, with Bits used as coins or change. These Trade-Bars are used to buy a multitude of items from player shops and server shops or to buy a variety of land choices for you to build on.

After purchasing a plot of land, you will earn yourself a title.  Your first title will most likely be Gentry (100 wild tiles) or Villager (100 city tiles).  Titles are how you get yourself known around the World of Eldin, and they each come with some server responsibilities of their own. Click on the “Player Land Table” under “Server Information” above to see more about land ranks and titles.

Griefing in Eldin is frowned upon, but if you live in the unprotected wilderness expect it! City life is so much easier. You can make money by selling certain items to shops, or to other players. Maybe even get hired to perform a job for someone! Living in a city or on any protected land will protect you and your precious items from those nasty griefers.

With time invested in our server you will soon see your small plot begin to grow into a town, flourish into a hamlet, and evolve into a great thriving empire. Ruled by YOU!

Declare war, control trade, fight monsters, or spend some time with friends.  If you’re tired of visiting servers that disappear over night, give us a try.  We have been around for over 6 years now and will hopefully be around for a long time to come.

Hope to see you there!


View the WOE server trailer:


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