Player Ranks

Server Ranks by Tile count

-Each rank receives the benefits of the previous rank in each category.
-Female version of ranks are also available upon request.

City Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Villager 100 City Water Buckets
Commoner 400 City Shops
Townsman 800 City Lava Buckets
Citizen 1600 City EXP Bottling
Aristocrat 3,600 City Mute
Lord 7,200 City Links, Free Port Use

Wilderness Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Gentry 100 Wild Water Buckets
Yeoman 400 Wild Shops
Nobleman 1,600 Wild Lava Buckets
Baronet 3,600 Wild Mute
Count 10,000 Wild Links, Seen
Viscount 30,625 Wild Jail
Viceroy 62,500 Wild  
Imperatore 125,000 Wild  

Mixed Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Serf 100 City & 100 Wild Water Buckets, Shops
Trader 800 City & 400 Wild Lava Buckets
Merchant 3,600 City & 1,600 Wild Mute
Marquess 7,200 City & 3,600 Wild Links, Free Port Use

Nether Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Grue 100 Nether Plant Netherwart, Lava Buckets
Deviant 400 Nether Water Buckets
Hellian 800 Nether Shops
Dark-Lord 1,600 Nether Instant /home
Scarlet-Prince 3,600 Nether Mute
Shadow-King 7,200 Nether Two Homes, Links

End Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Acolyte 100 End Water Buckets
Shade 400 End Lava Buckets
Cultist 800 End Shops
Zealot 1,600 End Instant /home
Dragon-Priest 3,600 End Mute
Dragon-Lord 7,200 End Two Homes, Links

Town Owner / Nobility Ranks
Rank Tiles Count Benefits
Baron 3,600 Wild Mute
Duke 10,000 Wild Links, Seen
Prince 30,625 Wild Jail
King 62,500 Wild  
Emperor 125,000 Wild  

Helper Ranks
Rank Hired by Benefits
Squire Baron Water Buckets, Shops
Knight Duke Lava Bucket
High-Knight Prince Mute, Seen
Paladin King Links
Royal-Guard Emperor  

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