The Age of Oceans
Hollowtide Harbour

Hollowtide Harbour is the map of Eldin's 16th Age. This Age had seen the change of ownership twice already within the early days of its' lifespan. BranFlakes passed ownership to Rabidpig, and Rabidpig passed ownership to cerberus402.

Despite the change in ownership, this map saw the return of many veteran players thought lost. This map marked the return of spawns that were part of the world, the return of festivals and prizes, new monsters such as mimics, reapers, and giants; new ambient animals such as bees, birds, and frogs.

The Age of War

Eden is the map of Eldin's 14th Age. This Age was rocked by many wars between cities and players.

This map is known for its abundance of wars, as well as many new players joining Eldin during this time period.

The Age of War was a brutal piece of history that many players still speak of fondly to this day.

Unknown Images

This is a collection of images that are of unknown time and origin. If you recognize any of these / where they go message cerberus402