Server History

Thargate, the first age of Obsidian

Sadly, this map has been lost to the sands of time.

  • Thargate, a castle made of obsidian and Sunny Bay, a beach city with mostly sand houses were the only settlements.
  • Average server population – roughly five on at most times
  • Rabidpig, Cerberus402, DragoonMK12, BattlingVhaut, and Improved were some of the Founding members of the era
  • This was a short lived era that didnt stretch any great deal of time: 2-4 months
  • There were no portals in this era
  • The map was changed due to the lack of rules about distance of building from cities, which created a cluster of outside town building

Cibola, the second age of Rails and Roads

Sadly, this map has been lost to the sands of time.

  • This age sparked the distance between cities being created trying to correct the issues of the first age
  • There was no portals, instead Huge train lines and roads stretch across the land
  • Omegaman and Pokyto where born in this age
  • This age ended when Lapis was just released as an update
  • There where rouhgly 4-5 towns during this age
  • player shops where introduced and it flourished

Ishtar, the third age of Lapis

Download ISHTAR Here!

  • This period is often called the GOLDEN age of Eldin; and one of the longest running maps
  • portals were introduced late in this era, and at the time were unreliable and would break often
  • Boom time for cities. Some of the largest cites seen on Eldin since the beginning of recorded time grew in this age, and the number of players increased greatly during this time.
  • Ishtar and Damascus had the first WAR on eldin, ending with a conceed and cease fire after a valiant defense by Damascus.
  • Germalto & Achille (kingshibby) where born in this age.
  • average players on at almost all times 20-50
  • the 3rd age lasted between 7-9 months

Amaterasu, the fourth age of Pistons

Sadly, this map has been lost to the sands of time.

  • Numerous cities, and numerous small WARS rocked this era. From the Amaterasu invasion, to the Empire’s small attacks on out laying cities
  • This was when the Empire was forged During this age lead by, Gandalfthepwnage, lardmonkey65, and harryh. The Large Amaterasu Invasion broke up the Empire for the time
  • Mob Arena’s made their appearance, and small groups formed up and started creating guilds and other social networks
  • Large cities began to be build, from St.Croix to Avalon with its 100×100 block castle

Thay, the fifth age of Iron

Sadly, this map has been lost to the sands of time…

  • another short lived age, (due to a map curruption that was held off for a bit by Cerberus and Axe deleting bad chunks but it eventually couldnt go on)
  • Zephyna was born in this age
  • Iron Bars where all the rage being the new block of choice.
  • Towns struggled, but many profited and grew rich from hard work during this era.
  • People become lazy with the now working great portals
  • farming is in heavy use as a money supply to suppliment mining and tons of farming communities flourish.

Cibola II, the sixth age of the Nether

Download CIBOLA II here!

  • Metropolis’s began to show up and the first true Kings became to evolve.
  • Vast cities dominated this map, roads showed a sign of coming back as portal prices where raised
  • Dragon Travel made its appearance and was all the rage.
  • Farming was on the decline as people opted towards heavy mining.
  • many people grew to wealth in this short era.

Amun-Ra, the seventh age of Jungle

Download AMUN-RA here!

  • this map lasted a good amount of time.
  • this was the era of decline in the player base, and alot of turmoil in the server itself
  • hit with an unheard of loss of Admins due to summer & other issues the world slowed to a crawl near its end
  • Probably one the slowest periods for players, admins, and over all building and growth.
  • The few players that did stick around managed to thrive and do well with out the abundance of admins.

Haley's, the eighth age of Emeralds

Download HALEY’S here!

  • The map was off to a great start, player numbers are back up and holding, and people seem generally interested again.
  • New tax system and the addition of buildings, added in flavor to each city, and a reason for WAR
  • This age brought in a wave of PvP like never seen in previous ages, with the advent of the barracks and other buildings limiting the safety of cites
  • Roads started to make a big showing again, the majority of people didn’t mind the removal of portals in favor of roads.
  • While no wars where fought in this age ,there was plenty of Saber rattling dealing with the city of Hope, and its newly crowned Emperor Owl_Talon
  • Zephyna was crowned as Empress in this age
  • Countries where played with and the base ideas of trade and military aid was implemented.
  • The first Country was Sicilia ruled and founded by Mclaneb13
  • The map was sadly changed earlier then was wanted due to lag issues from either map size, or server itself.

Thorins Hall, the ninth age of Quartz

Download THORIN’S HALL here!

  • This is the age where Axebyte resigned as server owner, and Cerberus402 took charge over the server.
  • To some, this was a time of great change in Eldin. A wave of new plugins came and went during the age of Thorin’s Hall

Thebes, the tenth age of Darkness

Sadly, this map has been lost to the sands of time…

  • ┬áThis era was widely known for it’s use of a “Capital” spawn system, containing four capitals as spawns. This idea started strong, but many players later turned on it due to the in completion of the four capitals.
  • Age of the economy wipe. Many players showed dedication to recovering their lost wealth, while others took a more shallow approach of earning money.
  • New staff were hired this age, including a new owner (Branflakes4) and three new moderators (Flying_guava13, Supersun7, and RevZamorak)
  • This era lasted many months somewhat overdue, because of controversy in the land of Bukkit and Spigot.

Thelos, The eleventh age of New Stone

Download THELOS here!

  • This era breathed new life back into Eldin, bringing new and old players to Eldin.
  • Pyreliter became an Emperor in this map, and his town of Thelos flourished

Serithia, The twelfth age of Revival

Download SERITHIA here!

  • RevZamorak became the owner in this era, along with several new moderators (hd, coltensplat, and Monistar
  • There was a major war against Romestequilla after his harsh treatment of Omegaman
  • A festival of never before seen size took place at spawn during this age

Braavos, The thirteenth age of Flight

Download BRAAVOS here!

  • This map saw a huge burst of players in the beginning
  • Elytra were introduced, and flight platforms started being created up everywhere
  • Players were now able to buy land in the end, and the first end town Dusk was established
  • A new shop system was introduced, and player shops flourished, bringing a new wave of player to player trade
  • ajd2598 was born in this era

Eden, The fourteenth age of War

Download EDEN here!

  • This map saw a shift back to static portals and ice roads were built between the cities.
  • This map was rocked by the Based Crusades
  • This map saw a large influx of new players and returning veterans in the first half of the map
  • Multiple wars between players occurred during this map

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