Server Migration and Our New Server Hardware

Hey everyone!

I previously talked about wanting to do a blog every so often to talk about the server, minecraft, or upcoming plans, etc.  This is the first installment into that series, and hopefully we can keep it running and provide some insight to you, the players, on what is going on here.

Since I did not really plan out this post, and it was more of a ‘spur of the moment’ post for me, I don’t expect this post to be the best laid out or formatted.  However, I wanted to provide some background information on why we preformed the server migration a while back, and why we made the decision to do so.

Firstly, I want to talk about our budget as a server and gaming community.  As a whole, we try our best to try and stay within $60 to $80 a month in server costs.  These costs used to include a multitude of things listed with their cost here:

  • Main Server – $25/month
  • Test Server – $15/month
  • Web Server – $10/month
  • Domain Name – $10/year
  • TeamSpeak Server – $60/year or $5/month

In total, before the switch, we were paying approximately $55 a month for all of our servers that we were using.  While paying for these services, we were also sharing these physical servers with other clients or customers.  This means that on one physical server box that we paid $25 a month to use (think something like this: Here), there were also 60+ other minecraft servers running.  While for most people this is not an issue, when we would surge to 30+ players, we started to experience a lot of lag, and we had little available to us to control the causes of this lag other than simply dumbing our plugins down to be less useful.

[At this point I messed up and lost about 4 paragraphs of stuff so im just going to quickly wrap this up]

In the end we purchased a new dedicated server from a large hosting company for $50 a month with the hardware specs seen here.  This allowed us to combine our main, test, and web servers all into one, and also will allow us to continue to create new servers as needed, and host more than just minecraft in the future.

I want to finish this with a quick update on our server funds and how long this change will leave us running, as well as the impact it had.

At the time of the change we were very fortunate to receive some larger donations from a few players.  This put us in a very comfortable spot to make these changes, as well as spend one or two months of cushion time to make sure that we made the right decision.  As I am currently typing this message, we have enough money in our account to last until 4/1/2019 with our current budget, and Eldin will continue to run until our account is run dry.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and let me know in discord if there are topics of interest that you have that you would like to see talked about here.  I apologize for the poor quality of this post, and I hope in the future we can really make them something exciting to read.



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