Server Rules

Stating I didn’t read this, or the signs at spawn on the server is not an excuse. Ignorance is bliss but its also bannable.

Section 1: Hacking / Modding / Glitching


  • X-ray mods or invisible texture packs
  • Flying hacks
  • Duplication mods or glitches
  • Speed hacks
  • Cave-Finder Minimaps
  • Auto-builder mods that automatically build structures for you
  • Auto-fisher mods
  • If you think something is illegal but are not sure, approve it first rather than using it without asking.

**Above is Bannable on first offense**

If it puts you above what another player could do without the hack / cheat / mod IT WILL GET YOU BANNED


  • Minimaps
  • Zooming in/out
  • Texture packs of any kind that do not show ore, or act as an X-ray
  • Auto swapping tools, items from inventory to hand, or other inventory sorters
  • General UI changes that don’t duplicate a bannable mod (see above)


  • Using blocks glitches to gain access to protected land is jailable
  • Duplication glitches are immediately bannable
  • Glitching to trap/kill is immediately bannable
  • If you think you glitched accidentally, it is highly recommended that you inform an admin so that that type of glitch abuse is prohibited later

Basic Rule of Thumb: Ask for approval before you use a mod.

Section 2: Monster Farms and Auto Farms

Monster Farms

  • Automatic monster farms that kill monsters, or do damage to monsters for you, are not allowed.
  • Monster farms that lag out a large area of chunks are not allowed; and will be destroyed
  • Monster farms that the player creates where they do all of the damage to the monster are allowed.

Crop Farms

  • Automatic crop farms are not allowed; we have plugins that prevent them from being made in the first place. Save your materials.
  • If you find a glitch, report it to staff immediately. If you try to hide it your money will be revoked and the farm destroyed.

Automatic Fishing

  • Automatic fishing is not allowed, be it from redstone contraption, from outside assistance (mod), or any physical way of hold the mouse down (tape, heavy object, etc). If you are fishing and unresponsive when a staff member is talking to you, you are afk/automatic fishing.

Breaking any of the above rules will result in your farm being destroyed and money made taken back. Depending on severity a temporary ban may be issued. Repeat offenders permanently banned. 

Section 3: PvP Rules

Camping and harassment is not acceptable and is bannable upon repeated offense.

Camping and Harassment

  • Camping covers staying in one area for a period of time for the sole purpose of repeatedly killing the same person or random people. For example, waiting near their protected land even though they know you are there. If a player cannot leave their house due to you sitting outside it waiting to PvP, that is camping. Definition of camping
  • PvP Harassment covers waiting outside PvP-disabled land, where the victim knows your are there OR repeatedly hunting the same person over and over.
  • Sneak attacks do not fall under harassment. Harassment counts as purposely (and visibly) patrolling an area to prevent people from leaving the plot
  • Constantly “sneak attacking” the same player in the same spot does count as harassment
  • Repeatedly killing the same person over and over falls under harassment
  • Repeatedly trying to get revenge and failing also falls under harassment
  • Dynmap Hunting is allowed. If you put your head up on the map, you run the risk of getting killed.

If you have an issue with this at anytime, simply make a ticket with the name of the person you’re having issue with and a date or two of when you believe you where being targeted. Warning if the log shows you flipping out and using poor language (see abusive language) you may find yourself in jail as well. So handle yourself well and there should be no issues. Not turning the situation into a verbal war on chat would be helpful.

The above applies to group PvP and solo PvP.

Section 4: Griefing

Griefing of wild, unprotected land (looting, destroying, etc) is allowed on the server. However, this does not mean that ALL forms of griefing are allowed on the server. 

  • You can grief unprotected land
  • You cannot grief around protected land
  • You cannot trap players on protected land
  • You cannot dump lava to pour into protected land

Griefing is assessed on a case by case basis and could result in a temporary ban.

Section 5: Abusive Language

We try to have an open server community that is appropriate for all ages. Because of this, vulgar/inappropriate language is NOT permitted on this server. Absolutely NO racism.

If a server staff member asks you to watch your language or to use less vulgar language, please listen to them or further action will be taken to handle the issue.

We understand that players have different perspectives of what is and is not offensive. Be respectful of what other players deem inappropriate, even if you think it’s not.

Abusive language is assessed on a case by case basis and could result in a mute, jail, temporary ban, or permanent ban from the server.

Section 6: Lost Item Return

Server Staff are not responsible for items lost in PvP or bad trade deals. The only time an admin will intervene regarding lost items is if the items were lost through illegal means. Glitching items out of protected land or illegally killing somebody can result in admin intervention, provided adequate proof is shown.

Players with permission to your land have full access to everything on it. If they take items, this is not considered illegally obtaining items. Admins will not intervene. Be sure only to add people you trust to your land.

Rule of Thumb: Trade with people you trust, for people may swindle you out of deals. If you are unsure of trading or have an off feeling there are means to still trade. The item could be posted in a shop or on the servers auction houses.

Section 7: Town Hall Rules for Town Creation

To establish a town, your must build a Town Hall with a Town Rules list in it. All plots in the town are subject to these rules.

The town hall building must be complete to be established. This includes a finished structure (walls, roofs, decorations).

The Town Rules will be locked upon completion. You can change these rules with admin permission, but only if it does not affect pre-existing plots. The town rules should be thorough, but not ramble. Short, sweet, to the point.

Town owners have full right over their city and its rules, but this must be stated in the Town Rules.

Common Town Rules:

  • No rooftop farms
  • No changing the exterior of pre-built houses
  • No animal farms
  • Please replant after using public farms
  • If you own a shop, keep it stocked of goods
  • Town owner has final say on all matters

It should be noted that the more general the rule is, the more the town owner has to try to reach an agreement with other parties before evicting. If your only rule is “Town owner has final say on all matters” then staff will encourage a dialogue between parties, rather than an eviction

Section 8: Legal and Illegal Town Placement

This Section covers distance to surrounding Towns and protected land.

  • Too close is defined as within 500 blocks
  • If you would like to set up a plot within 500 blocks of a town, you can seek approval from the town owner in the area
  • Towns cannot be set-up within 500 blocks of another town
  • Rule of Thumb: Be respectful of existing plots in the area before you set up a town

Can I build my city next to a road?

Yes you can. You can connect a road to an existing road, but remember they are player made. So it might be a good show of respect to contact the road creator/creators and just let them know or even ask if they mind. Someone spent a lot of time building that road, that you now want to use to help your own city.

Building near a road (>50 tiles away) does NOT require permission from the road builder, but it is suggested if you want to not have issues that you do the above mentioned contact. Towns, however, CAN NOT be built right on top of a road unless you have permission.

Section 9: Protecting Roads

Requirements to have your Road protected:

  • Must be between 3-8 tiles wide
  • Bridge portions of a road must be supported. No floating roads. Bridges also can’t be water-level
  • If you want your road protected contact server staff or put in a /report. We will work with you to get it protected so the server can retain good looking roads
  • Roads get protected for free

What makes a road a road?

Server staff will protect a road as long as it connects one city to another, or a city to spawn. Simple as that. We will NOT protect roads between wild plots, or a wild plot to a city. Those roads will remain unprotected.

Be aware: PvP is enabled on roads

Section 10: Illegal Land Sales

You are not allowed to sell land you don’t own as land in your city.

Section 11: Eviction Rules

As a town owner you are allowed to evict players if they are not following city rules, or have become inactive. Ideally, the town owner should open a dialogue and try to work it out among themselves before it ultimately gets to this point. If no agreement can be reached, the eviction rules are here to help you.

Eviction Process:

  1. Notify server staff of your intent to evict
  2. The staff member will come to assess the situation and see if your eviction request is legal
  3. The staff member will send mail to the party being evicted (in game mail, and a discord message if possible)
  4. The staff member will then place down a sign with the date of when the eviction request is approved
  5. The party being evicted has 30 days from the date on the sign to make their plot legal
  6. If the party has not made their plot legal after 30 days, the land gets annulled and the town owner receives the plot of land back to resell or use as they choose.

Banned players:

If a player with land in your city is permanently banned, their land is annulled. This means that as a town owner you receive the plot of land back to resell or use as you choose. All chests of the banned player will be emptied.

Section 12: Helper Classes and Regulations

Helper rooms/buildings:

  • Squire: must have a room in the town hall
  • Knight: must have a 15×15
  • High Knight: must have a 15×15
  • Paladin: must have a 15×15
  • Royal Guard: must have a 15×15

Basic Helper Rules:

  • Helpers to a City can not be of a rank greater than Duke
  • If you have a helper, you are not permitted to be a helper to someone else
  • You are not allowed to be a helper  to more then one person
  • Helpers are the voice of the Ruler of that City. They can sell land, change building rules, evict players, etc

Section 13: Co-Owning

  • You can co-own a town with as many of your friends as you want to. There is no limit
  • To be a co-owner, you must own a Baron sized plot of the city
  • The building slots for the town are normal. For example if 4 Barons own a Duke sized city, the city has a Duke sized amount of building slots.
  • Land is refunded based on how much each owner owns, it is not split evenly.

Section 14: Owning/Selling land in a city

  • You can only sell up to 80% of your town land
  • One player can only own up to a quarter of the city’s total size (Ex: a 8000 tiles big city can only sell a max of 2000 to one player).
  • You can limit a player’s plot if you don’t want to risk him destroying something important (Ex: glass from underwater city/top of underground city). This should be clarified in the town’s build rules.
  • You can’t stack plots on top of each-other. If one person owns a 10×10, no one else can own part of it.

Section 15: Nations

  • To form a nation, you must have at least a City (Prince or Higher), and have built an Embassy [The Embassy does not take up any building slots (like the Town Hall)]
  • A nation requires at least 2 other town owners to form a nation, these 2 other town owners are part of the 3 founding members (the nation creator, and the 2 additional town owners)
  • To join a nation, you must pay a 10k entrance fee, and your town must be within 3000 tiles of any town in the nation. You also must have a spot in the embassy. (NOTE: Founding member towns do not need to pay the 10k, only the Embassy setup fee much be payed)
  • Having a Nation allows for the use of ‘Nation Building Slots’
    • Nation Building Slots are separate from regular Building Slots and each cost 15k
    • The first 3 towns (including capital) grant you the Embassy. After that, every 2 new towns grant you a nation slot.
    • Nation Buildings can be built in any of the towns of the nation, with the exception of the Embassy and Keep (must be in the capital).
  • If you own multiple cities, they must all be part of the same nation. You are not allowed to be a member of more than 1 nation


For a town to leave the nation, they can either get approval from the capital, or they have to declare civil war. In the case of a civil war victory, they are free from the nation.

Section 16: The End-All Be-All

The server staff are here to serve the players, and we try to constantly maintain a fun environment for every member of our community. If a staff member asks you to stop what you are doing, please respect that we are trying to maintain a status quo. Feel free to express your opinion in messages with the staff member, we are always looking for feedback.

We try to have thorough rules (as evident by all the above) but there is just no way to write down everything. We recognize that and try to update our rules as the server evolves and more issues come up. Please keep in mind that even if it isn’t specifically listed here as “against the rules” the staff member reserves the right to make a judgement call to maintain the servers status quo.




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