Hello again! Welcome to Spying on staff! It’s going to be a brief one today, but it’s important none the less! 

A lot of things are in that awkward interim phase where we’re almost there, but not to a point where I can blether on about the accomplishments just yet. 

We have added a new custom weapon into the game! Spears are basically swords but it also performs a piercing attack, which will attack beyond the original target in a straight line. This comes in all varieties of materials, stone through netherite.

Spears do the same damage as swords, except half of their damage continues in a straight line as piercing damage.

Pets! We have successfully implement a cosmetic pet system on Eldin! These pets will be unlockable in the game through quests, dungeons, secret shops, special achievements as well as available in the new donation store revamp. There are currently 35 different pets to collect and hunt for (with plans for many more)! Take a peak to the left for a teaser on a few of the pets 🙂

Finally, many of you have asked us for a date for launch. As you know, we’re doing so much more than just building spawn and loading the map. All of our plugins are nearly up to date, and we are now confident on a launch date that we can reveal to ya’ll. I’m excited to announce that Eldin will be going live Friday Afternoon, February 25th, 2022!!! 

Thank you, as always for reading, and thank you for your continued patience during this longer period of downtime. There are things that were just way overdue, and rather than make a quick fix we’re really spending the time to ensure everything works exactly as it should in order to provide you with a seamless and fun playing experience. I cannot wait to play alongside all of you again soon!