Welcome again to another Spying on Staff!

We hope all of you are having a terrific early spring. We are all busy like bees at the hive still with our progress on the new map, and the changes taking place with this most recent update.

I regret to say that 1.18.2 broke 5 or so of our plugins and that has set us back a step as we wait for those to be updated.

In the meantime, Cerberus has shifted his focus on quality of life enhancements in game for ya’ll, like the creation of the daily login bonuses. This is a non-consecutive reward system to help new players by enriching their gaming experience, while also rewarding veteran players for their continued loyalty and activity on the server. We want to reward our players for being here, and the longer you stick around, the better the prizes. A video of how the system works can be found below!

We’ve also been working on the Economy pricing for the new ores and adjusted other elements of money making on the server as the increased area for ores and the gaping caverns really does change how mining is done on Eldin now. Listed below are the changes for the server prices over all. While most items have stayed the same or decreased in price you may have noticed one or two buffs in the list. Cake and Pumpkin Pie have both increased in price due to them seeming underpowered.

Server Shop Price Changes

NameOld PriceNew price% Change
Cooked Chicken2.02.00%
Cooked Mutton2.02.00%
Cooked Steak2.02.00%
Cooked Pork2.02.00%
Cooked Rabbit2.02.00%
Cooked Cod4.02.0-50%
Cooked Salmon5.53.0-45.45%
Tropical Fish10.05.0-50%
Baked Potatoes0.350.3-14.29%
Chorus Fruit0.50.50%
Melon Blocks1.00.8-20%
Nether Wart0.50.3-40%
Pumpkin Pie2.03.0+50%
Sweet Berries0.750.4-46.67%
Honey Bottles4.02.5-37.50%
Copper Ingot-1.0-
Iron Ingot8.04.0-50%
Gold Ingot14.07.0-50%
Lapis Lazuli1.50.25-83.33%

In addition to the changes mentioned above, we’ve decided to reduce the server cost for player shops, reducing it from its former price of 5000, to 2500 per shop. This change in price comes coupled with the fact that players are now able to create playershops on their own through the use of a simple command. You will be able to put a shop anywhere you want on any land you own without the help of a staff member, check out the video below for a sneak peak!

The new donation store format is something that Cerberus is working on too. Zephyna and Myself are helping with the writing and photographic assets as well to help things along. The store consists of building materials, item skins, pets, and suffix titles. Unfortunately finishing this project is on hold for the time being, MMOItems is one of the plugins that broke again in 1.18.2.

~Nora <3

I decided to make a bloopers video because Zeph, Nora, and I had some fun making them!