Spying on Staff: “New Map Chronicals”  

Many of you have been very patiently waiting for our update regarding our progress during our downtime between maps. Thank you for your patience; here is the update on our progress so far. I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday season!

While things may have seemed quiet on the surface, we’ve been hard at work updating plugins, revamping old content, and bringing forth new ideas for all of you to enjoy. 

Our most recent meeting has proven to be very enriching on the progress of everyone’s task. 

Zephyna is hard at work with our newest spawn, however it might still be a few before you’ll actually be able to see it for yourself. We’re hoping this little tease gets those cogs turning as you take a good hearty thought on what it might be! 

Azher and Cerberus have been at work on getting plugins working, and our server as optimized as possible. We have implemented an instancing technology to allow as many players as we want on the server. This means that everyone will get to play Eldin whenever they want to, without fear of maxing out the server or tanking performance. These two have been working exceptionally hard on this. They recommend that if you don’t already, to have optifine installed to better your client side performance on the server. 

The whole team has been digging away, mining and testing out the new ore rates for 1.18. We’re getting very close to fine tuning those numbers so that the economy stays stable. Deepslate and the new biomes have provided us with a particularly unique obstacle regarding our economy, but we’ve been vigilant in taking these new factors into consideration. 

I am extraordinarily proud to announce that I am leading the team for quests and our first wave of those to be available at launch. We will have both tutorial quests and a few story quest lines to start with. Our goal is for no less than 50 quests to be available for you to explore with the launch of the new map, with more to come as the map matures. Several other staff members have been extraordinarily helpful with storyboards and ideas, and I’m personally trying my hardest to include existing lore on some elements of Eldin that have been lost to past ages (Gods, anyone?). I’ve had to keep my claptrap shut about this for at least a few months now and I can finally announce to you all that this gravy train will indeed be a’rolling. Thank you pretty much the entire staff list for being so overwhelmingly supportive and willing to help with this tremendous task! We have acquired professional tools to assist us in this task, and we’re looking forward to leveraging them to make our server even better!

Cerberus has spent literal weeks handcrafting rank icons to replace our [Prefix] rank badges in chat. [link to the actual webpage?]. In addition to that Cerb has painstakingly created an in-game UI to allow for you as the player to choose which rank you want to have displayed from the list of ones you have earned through your acquisition of land. Pretty neat stuff. Cerb’s been working really hard to really increase your quality of play for something that has been an Eldin staple since the server started. 

Finally, we have made a decision to bring back Elytra. Due to the massive sizes of the new cave biomes and with us better optimizing the server, Elytra are coming back to the overworld! I’m personally ecstatic to have this vanilla component re-introduced back into our gameplay! Woo!

Thank you for your patience while we work. I know the silence can be irritating and maddening, I know that a lot of you were hoping to play during your break this holiday. Please know that this update to 1.18 is a tremendous one, and one we’re also choosing to proactively approach to confront a lot of the issues that we know will be a thorn in our side for updates to come (i.e. performance issues, lag, player caps, etc). Our vision is to allow for us to transition to all future updates as smoothly and quickly as possible. The team’s worked incredibly hard and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of their team. Thank you for all of your patience, feedback and support. We really appreciate the people who took part in the round-table meetings, they definitely helped mold these decisions and changes!

I will be posting more regularly with these New Map Chronicle editions of Spying on Staff. Thank you as always for reading! 

-Nora <3