Spying on Staff: New Map Chronicles Part 2! 

Hello hello, and welcome again to Spying on Staff: New Map Chronicles! 

Our last meeting was a bit dry and really all about the nitty gritty. I’ll still go over all of it here though, because we feel it’s important to keep you as informed as possible while we continue to work out the kinks. 

Cerberus has been really putting in the hours, adding features to the gem system and now allowing for lesser gems to be combined to make superior gemstones. Each gem requires 9 of the gem tier below it. For example, 9 cracked gems will now combine into a regular gem. The recipes can be seen in the image to the right!

On top of that you can now unequip gemstones from equipment if you so choose. Using the new Gem Stone Remover consumable which can be crafted at the blacksmith! It functions the same way as repair hammers, just click on the item you want to remove a gem from with the Remover and you will now get your gem back!

Cerb has also removed the tiered system from the Barracks portion of the website information. Barrack tiers was a fun concept, but few people used its upgraded tier 2 feature and no one used tier 3 last map. We may introduce these concepts back in later, but while we’re spring cleaning the server in preparation for launch, we decided that for now its just best to keep barracks simple. 

Steel items can now be sold at scrap yards, with the exception still of shovels. Cerb looked into this snag a little more and found out it has something to do with the plugin itself, and for whatever odd reason it just really doesn’t like shovels with any amount of durability damage. So while we have tried to correct this minor inconvenience at this time there is still no fix for scraping shovels. Current workaround is to combine shovels until they are no longer damaged, then the scrapyard should accept them.

Finally, on the many tasks Cerberus has done as of this meeting, he has updated the  portal to have a few new features! You can now search by brew to find the cities that have that specific brew available to be sold at their tavern! Neat stuff. The same has been applied to cities with scrapyards and headshops. Even though scrap yards and headshops are a tiered upgrade of markets, we felt it was an important enough feature to include it as a standalone in the portal so you know which cities have them for your convenience. They have been added as an economic building (scrapyard) and a miscellaneous building (headshop) in the city building search of the Portal.

Nora brought up quests briefly, as Moonson has been working alongside Brendan to produce some quest lines for us to develop and include for your gaming pleasure in the server! We’ve got a couple of great little story arcs lined up and we’re still so excited for you to see what we’re working on. 

We have been vigorously collecting raw mining data with the updated biomes and mining levels in 1.18 and Tdub and Elesef have been leading the charge on this critical task to ensure that all server prices are fair and stable. It’s probably the most dreary of the tasks our team has assigned to ensure a pleasant gaming experience, but it’s probably the most important yet, considering our delicate economy. 

Finally, we’re proud to announce some new and renewing faces to our staff team. Linalys has joined us as our newest Scholar. She has agreed to help out with some of the finer details that are needed for our launch and we’re so happy to have her. Additionally, I have been promoted back up to moderator.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding in regards to our progress. I’ll continue to post Spying on Staffs as we meet to ensure no one is out of the loop on the status of the server. Thank you all for reading. See you around on the next entry of Spying on Staff! 

~Nora <3