Welcome Folks, to another Spying on Staff! 

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve updated you all on the comings and goings of our server staff meetings, and I guess the best explanation for that is that there’s been a lot of things in progress, but not a lot of projects have gotten close enough to completion for me to reveal to you! What we’ve decided in the last meeting was that Spying on Staff would become a roughly monthly release. That way, these can have a bit more substance to them!

Moving right along into the nitty gritty of this past month’s discussions. It’s been a turbulent month for staff this month, what with school starting back for some of our kiddos and the end of summer holidays wrapping up.

We’ve spent some time going over the rules of Eldin, as we periodically do from time to time to ensure that they’re both valid and fair. And discussed the ease of reading involving how the rules are stated and the transparency of their intention. We think they’re looking pretty good at the moment, with a few headers and summaries that need updating here and there. It might not even be something you notice, as they’re so minute, but are there all the same. 

One thing that we’ve discussed over multiple meetings is that we will be hosting “Round Table Talks” very soon. This is a great chance for you to sit and talk in a voice chat with staff about things we are wanting public opinion on in regards to upcoming changes. We’ll have an agenda of topics, and all you will have to do is join the call and give us your input. It’s just another way we’re trying to be more transparent about what we’re doing. It gives us a great chance to hear what you have in mind about some changes, and it lets you in on active conversations about the future of this server. Think town hall meetings, but more interesting! We haven’t scheduled any of these yet, but stay tuned for updates and announcements of when the first one of these chats will be hosted!

We are coming up with more in-world weapons! We think daggers have been successful so we decided to expand on custom model weapons that will be unique to Eldin. You’ll be able to craft them at the blacksmith, just like steel and daggers! TDub has done a pretty good job putting these together and they’re going to be available soon.

There has been a lot of discussion about New Map prep, Dungeon Prep, and whether we should hold out for the plugins to update for 1.18 since its expected launch is near the time that we typically launch new maps. This might be the topic of our first Round Table Talk with all of you to get a feel on the direction we should go.

As for the New Map talk, it is typical that about this time of year we start brainstorming on what we would want for new spawn and start the earliest processes of laying out and building prep. However this time, we’ve got a bit of a unique situation in that the launch of 1.18 will be right around the time of our usual map reset. So this has brought up the question: Should we launch on schedule, or should we wait for the plugins to update and launch the map this after 1.18? This is one of those topics we will likely bring up during our Round Table Talks… because it is something that we feel you should be able to speak up on to help us make the collective decision. You’re also welcome to comment below on your opinion of this as well, as Spying on Staff always has comments open for such things. 

As you all know, summer in the northern hemisphere is almost over! That means that the Summer Festival will soon be closing the grounds in preparation for our traditional Fall Festival! If you’ve got tokens, cash them in now, because it won’t be long until the token and loot for the festival will be changed out for new prizes. The Summer festival will be closed off on 9/19.

Sunday 9/19 will also be a day of maintenance for the server. We have finished our configurations with a new linux server that we will be moving the minecraft server over to. We will essentially have 2 linux servers moving forward. One specifically dedicated to minecraft, and the other for website / databases. We expect this will be a seamless transition similar to the last time we moved servers. Additionally at this time, we will be releasing the 4th dungeon for you all to enjoy! 

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment! Thank you all, as always for reading Spying on Staff!

~NeoTokyoNora <3